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Try life without sugar and see how sweet it is.

I did.
I’ve been off sugar since February 2013. I’m finally free from my digestive issues, those insidious cravings and the constant thoughts about my next sweet fix. My energy is back. My brain fog has lifted. My tastebuds have changed. I now enjoy coffee black instead of sweetened with syrups and refined sugars. I’m thoroughly satisfied with the way I eat, and I’m able to have a healthy, sweet treat every now and then.
I truly believe I’ve altered the trajectory of my health which was headed straight for diabetes.

Today, my life is filled with a lot of other sweetness. Freedom. Lightness. Energy. Balanced emotions. No cravings. Pure, whole real foods.

Want some of this sweetness in your own life?
I’m Michelle Maclean. A certified Wellness Coach and Nutrition Consultant on a mission to help you shift your relationship with sugar so you can change the course of your health and live the sweetest life possible.

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