Michelle MacLean, Holistic Health Coach

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Hi there sweetness. Welcome.

So glad you found me. Chances are, since you landed here, you’re struggling with blood sugar issues, carbohydrate intolerance, insulin resistance or pre-diabetes.
I know what that feels like.
For over 20 years I battled with carbohydrates, sugar cravings, rising blood glucose, a variety of symptoms, and I worried about my health worsening if I didn’t make some changes.
Over the last few years, I truly believe I’ve altered the trajectory of my health which was most likely headed for diabetes.
I’ve kicked refined processed sugars to the curb, broken the nasty sugar cycle, am free from my digestive issues, those insidious cravings and constant thoughts about my next sweet fix. My energy is back. My brain fog has lifted. My tastebuds have changed. I’m thoroughly satisfied with the way I eat, and I’m able to have a healthy, sweet treat every now and then.

Today, my life is filled with a lot of other sweet things. Freedom. Lightness. Energy. Vitality. Balance. Pure, whole, real foods.

I’m Michelle MacLean. A certified wellness coach, nutrition consultant and health writer. My passion for helping people balance their blood sugars comes from my own personal challenges with carbohydrate intolerance and from watching my clients and loved ones struggle with the negative affects of insulin resistance.
I’ve spent the last couple of years designing and developing proven programs and practical strategies to guide you with care and compassion to a life of less worry, frustration and overwhelm, and one that’s filled with more peace, joy, health and vitality.
Pre-diabetes and insulin resistance can be reversed. Are you ready to jump in and go on this transformational journey with me?
With sweetness,

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