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Small Change, Big Gain

One of my core philosophies when it comes to making dietary and lifestyle change, is to start with the baby steps. It’s all about starting small. Implementing even the tiniest movement toward your goal can help you gain momentum, feel successful and have the desire to keep going. If you tried to tackle a huge action step first […] Get the full post here

New Dates for FREE 3-Day No-Sugar Challenge

I’m super excited to announce the fall dates for my FREE 3-Day No-Sugar Challenge – Sept 15-17!  Read all about it and sign up here.  If you’re anything like me you are winding down a summer of indulging, imbibing and totally enjoying yourself. Which I am 100% in favour of! We have to take time to relax, chill […] Get the full post here

Tips for spring cleaning your kitchen

When the birds start to chirp, the buds start to blossom and I no longer have to wear my winter coat and boots, I usually get in the mood for spring cleaning. I‘ll admit, cleaning is not my strong suit. My husband and I keep our home fairly tidy and it gets a good cleaning […] Get the full post here

Five common mistakes we make when creating resolutions

Creating resolutions and setting goals for the new year is a natural thing to do in January. You want to change aspects of your life, make improvements, achieve goals and live your dreams. As you flip the calendar onto a fresh new year, you may feel ready to drop old patterns and create new habits. […] Get the full post here

Tips to get out of your winter slump

I’ve been speaking to so many people lately who are down-and-out in a winter slump. Even though the winter weather here in Nova Scotia has been pretty good, it still seems like people are tired, cranky, worn out and exhausted! One thing I’ve noticed is that colds and flus have been running rampant this winter […] Get the full post here

Make your health a priority this fall

As fall beckons and the summer winds down, you might be reflecting on the fun times, new memories and vacation adventures you had over the summer. If you are anything like me, you’re also thinking about the indulgences you enjoyed — the summer cocktails, beer, wine, barbecue fare, sugary desserts, road trip food, carb loaded […] Get the full post here

High blood sugars? Here’s what to eat

If you’re anything like many of my clients your blood glucose is high, you’re bordering on pre-diabetes, and have been told by your doctor to get your blood sugars down or you’ll be diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and likely have to go on medication. While this warning from your doctor may have you feeling […] Get the full post here

Eight tips for mindful summer eating

During the casual, fun, lazy days of summer it’s easy to get distracted from our daily healthy habits. Vacations, family gatherings, weddings, socializing with friends, beach days, camping and other summer activities are filled with fun foods, outdoor eating, treats, ice cream, alcohol and other unhealthy goodies. I’m a big proponent of enjoying our lives. […] Get the full post here

Top 3 Mistakes People Make When Trying To Cut Sugar

Many of us are trying to minimize the processed, refined, and added sugars in our diets. We know the health risks, we’re starting to feel the negative effects, and we want to prevent any future health conditions from developing. If you’ve tried minimizing, reducing, and cutting out sugar, then you know it’s a hard change […] Get the full post here

How I got out of my exercise rut

Over the years I’ve enjoyed a variety of physical activities that have kept me in fairly good shape. As a kid, I was active in figure skating and gymnastics. In my 30’s I got into running and completed a marathon and eight half marathons. Yoga has been a weekly part of my life for at […] Get the full post here