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7 Tips to beat the holiday bulge

As we enter the height of the holiday season you’ve probably already been to parties, potlucks and wine and cheeses. I might be a week or two behind with these tips, but I’m sure you’ll face a few more temptations over the next three weeks and will be able to put these tips to good […] Get the full post here

How I’m staying on track this holiday season

  Over the years of failed attempts at various things, I’ve realized I need external accountability to reach my goals. Whether it’s with my own personal health and wellness or with my business. I’m just not that good and keeping my promises to myself. Or holding myself accountable. My self-efficacy is pretty low. I’m great […] Get the full post here

Heads Up – Winter Cleanse is here! Save the date

Thanks for taking a moment out of your busy, hectic day to get a sneak peek of my Resolution Reboot Winter Cleanse. I know it feels too early to be talking about cleansing in January while you are in the midst of your shopping, baking, organizing, planning and socializing! But it’s December 12th already and the New Year will here before […] Get the full post here

Five common mistakes we make when creating resolutions

Creating resolutions and setting goals for the new year is a natural thing to do in January. You want to change aspects of your life, make improvements, achieve goals and live your dreams. As you flip the calendar onto a fresh new year, you may feel ready to drop old patterns and create new habits. […] Get the full post here

Low Carb Holiday Recipe Round-Up

During the holidays there are so many food related gatherings it’s always good to have some tasty recipes on hand for entertaining, contributions for potlucks and to have done-ahead for pop-ins and for family nights at home. Today I share with you a round-up of some low-carb alternatives to many of the traditional gourmet and comfort-food delights […] Get the full post here

Healthy holiday savings coming soon!

We’ve just come through an incredibly busy selling period with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I’m sure your inbox, just like mine, was flooded with sales, offers, discounts and deals. I decided to wait a few days and let the hype settle down before I shared with you some significant savings on my top coaching […] Get the full post here

Self nourishment for a stress-free holiday

I can hardly believe we are into December already! For many of you, the next few weeks will be a whirlwind of baking, shopping, organizing, eating, preparing, spending, drinking, wrapping and socializing. And while much of this can be fun and joyful, along with it comes stress and overwhelm. By the end of it you’re worn […] Get the full post here

No-sugar, gluten & dairy free holiday treats

Is it possible to indulge in tasty, satisfying, sweet treats over the holidays without the sugar, gluten and carb overload that makes you feel bloated, headachy, tired and craving more? Yes it is! I recently shared an entire booklet filled with sweet treat recipes that are free from sugar, gluten, grains, and dairy with my […] Get the full post here

Pumped about pumpkin

It’s all around you. Pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin muffins filled with cream cheese, pumpkin bagels, cookies, doughnuts, shakes, ice cream, butters and even pumpkin beer! Companies are using this sweet, aromatic fall flavour to season just about anything they can. So what’s the deal with all this pumpkin? Not only is their size impressive, but […] Get the full post here