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How I’m staying on track this holiday season

  Over the years of failed attempts at various things, I’ve realized I need external accountability to reach my goals. Whether it’s with my own personal health and wellness or with my business. I’m just not that good and keeping my promises to myself. Or holding myself accountable. My self-efficacy is pretty low. I’m great […] Get the full post here

Build your love muscle

I’ve been following a meditation teacher for awhile now. His name is Jeff Kober. In addition to being a Vedic meditation teacher, he’s also an actor and played a pretty mean dude on The Walking Dead a few seasons back. Kober writes these wonderful “Vedic Meditation Thoughts of the Day” and one of his recent […] Get the full post here

Here’s How to Make Cooking More Fun – And a Recipe

The fall of the year is a great time to get into the kitchen. If you love cooking, nothing is more grounding, comforting and enjoyable than nourishing yourself and your family with soups, stews, roasts, hearty root veggies and an array of baked goods with apples and pears. Can’t you just smell that sweet apple […] Get the full post here

What nutritional approach works for you?

When I reflect back on my work with clients and my own personal health and wellness journey the one key concept that was reinforced time and time again, is that there is no one-sized-fits-all diet for everyone. In health coaching circles we call this bio-individuality. It recognizes that each of us is highly individualized with […] Get the full post here

How I found gratitude this season

I’ve been known to be a bit of a grinch around the holidays. I’m just not into the commercialism, expectations, pressures, the drinking, partying and overindulging. I don’t have kids so the childlike excitement and wonder isn’t a big part of my life. When the carols kick in, the red and green decor explodes and […] Get the full post here

How I got out of my exercise rut

Over the years I’ve enjoyed a variety of physical activities that have kept me in fairly good shape. As a kid, I was active in figure skating and gymnastics. In my 30’s I got into running and completed a marathon and eight half marathons. Yoga has been a weekly part of my life for at […] Get the full post here

Life lessons from my day on a farm

I’m just back from a week in New Hampshire and Maine. We went down for an Osteopathic conference my husband was presenting in the White Mountains. We also did a little shopping and I got to spend time with a few close friends I have in the area. On our way back we stopped and […] Get the full post here

A day in my eating life

A guide to cleaner eating One of the most common questions I get from clients, detox and workshop participants is “What do you eat?” If I had to categorize my eating and put a label on it, I would say I follow a low-carb approach. In the past I’ve been vegetarian, vegan, and then paleo. […] Get the full post here

Stocking a whole foods kitchen

Being prepared and having the right tools and ingredients on hand will make living a whole foods lifestyle much easier and help to keep your meals interesting and delicious. Kitchen tools Most people are set up with the basic kitchen essentials — some good sharp knives, assorted pots, mixing bowls, whisks, tongs, spatulas, cutting boards, […] Get the full post here

Shop the farmer’s market like a pro

I too was once overwhelmed by the farmer’s market. So many vendors, so many shoppers, so many choices. I couldn’t get my act together. Fumbling with my bags and money. People pushing and shoving. Trying to decipher what was organic, what wasn’t? No order to the line-ups or payment process. It all seemed like too […] Get the full post here