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Are you getting enough vitamin D?

The warmer weather is coming, and for those of us living in more northern locations, that means we’ll be able to get some natural vitamin D. YES! Among the vitamins, vitamin D is pretty special. And because we get it primarily from the sun, many of us have a hard time getting enough and are […] Get the full post here

Five snacks your waistline and tastebuds will love

The words “weight-loss” and “snacks” often appear in the same sentence. But what usually comes along with this combination are additional words like "tasteless," "cardboard," and "completely unsatisfying." Right? Well it doesn’t have to be this way. You can have weight-loss friendly snacks that aren't just nutritious but also delicious. My rule of thumb for […] Get the full post here

Coconut Banana Protein Bars – Recipe

After the gym or yoga I like to refuel with a little protein snack before I can get to a full whole-foods meal. It's important to replenish, especially carbs and protein, after a workout since we deplete the glycogen in our muscles and breakdown, and can even damage, some of the proteins in the muscles. After we exercise our body […] Get the full post here

Five steps to a healthy smoothie

I had the opportunity to be a guest on Global TV recently demonstrating how to make a healthy smoothie. The hosts loved my blend of organic blueberries, organic spinach, cacao powder, avocado and water (see recipe below). I believe smoothies can be healthy, convenient additions to a whole foods diet. Here are a few reasons why, […] Get the full post here

Late Winter Harvest Salad

Not sure about you, but I’m personally getting a little tired of the winter root veggies stocking the farmer’s market tables these days. I’ve pretty much had my fill of cabbage, leeks, kale and turnip. They’ve been our staple go-to veggies for many months now, and with the spring harvest still a few weeks away, […] Get the full post here

Boost your health with bone broth

A few days ago I felt like I was coming down with a bug. Headachey, scratchy throat, low energy. You know the feeling. When I get the signal I’m fighting something, my first reaction is to jump into action and prevent it from getting any worse. And where’s my first stop? Not the pharmacy or […] Get the full post here

How I fell back in love with clams

On a recent road trip to Maine, we stopped at our favourite inn. That night at the bar a couple at the other end ordered steamer clams. They came in a cute bucket with butter for dipping. The couple told us every year they travel up to Maine to spend the summer and that one […] Get the full post here

What I’m serving for dessert this summer

I get asked for sweet treat recipes a lot. And while I’m all about helping people balance their blood sugars and break the nasty sugar cycle, I do believe a yummy, gooey, decadent dessert is something we all need to indulge in every once in awhile. For all of you health conscious folks out there, […] Get the full post here

Try a healthier twist on a favourite summer cocktail

Even though I’m sugar conscious and watch the amount of added sugars I eat, I still want to enjoy the occasional refreshing cocktail, especially now that summer is here. I will state up front, that alcohol is by no means good for you and can lead to a whole host of unhealthy conditions and behaviours. […] Get the full post here

Low sugar fudgie brownies

I’m always on the hunt for sugar alternatives. About a year ago in this column, I wrote about  sugar alcohols and at the time was a bit skeptical. I’ve been doing some more research and personal experimentation with a sugar alcohol called  Xylitol and and have found it to be a good alternative. You might […] Get the full post here