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I feel alive again

Joanne Ryan 2014I enrolled in The Shift because I wanted to lose a few pounds. Initially, the program was pretty scary to me and I didn’t think I could do it. I tried many others things that hadn’t worked, so I jumped in. Within a very short time I started feeling more energy, clear headed and calm. I’m 64 years old and recently went thorough major changes/loss in my life. Doing this program for myself started to make me feel alive again. It motivated me to plant a veggie garden and I’m down 22 pounds. Michelle is a gentle person, knowledgeable and inspiring. She doesn’t make you do anything she hopes you will do, she teaches you why it’s so good to follow her teachings and you come away wanting to follow her advice. She never fails in her commitment to be there when you need support.

~ Joanne Ryan, Bedford, Nova Scotia


Brought my blood sugars down and lost 12 lbs

keithI’d been diagnosed as pre-diabetic. My doctor said if I didn’t get my blood glucose down from 11 to 7, I’d be diagnosed as diabetic and have to go on medication. I had to get things under control. I’ve tried other cleanses, detoxing and various diet regimens but couldn’t sustain the gains long term. Michelle focused on sugar as an addiction, its negative effects, and how to change our attitudes towards it. Through coaching I made a commitment, set goals and was accountable for them. The supportive group of people with similar challenges and commitment was helpful. I learned helpful, practical tactics to deal with my sugar cravings and received useful meal plans and recipes. It was also good to hear the expertise from the guest speaker interviews and receive their encouraging advice. I brought my fasting blood sugar count down to consistently under 7 and lost 12 pounds. I’ve lost my cravings for cookies, muffins and pastries and feel good about it! The Sugar Shift is a full and thorough program that is informative, engaging and effective for me!  I am very happy with the outcomes.

~ Keith Cossey,
Halifax, Nova Scotia


I’ve found freedom

pattiI’m 67 and was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and degenerative arthritis. I was a mess. Michelle is very knowledgeable, supportive, encouraging and never judged. She kept telling us to make this our own program. The private Facebook page with the other participant gave me connectedness. We shared our struggles, failures, accomplishments, and small baby steps taken. Through the meaningful homework exercises and interviews with health experts, I was finally able to overcome my gremlins and learned the importance of self care. I’ve found freedom. My cholesterol came down 62 points, blood glucose dropped 14 points and my weight dropped 13 pounds, and I have no sugar cravings anymore. I’d highly recommend this amazing health program. I will forever be grateful to Michelle for being my coach and facilitator on this journey. Accomplishment is a wonderful thing. This is not a diet! It is a life style change. I am healthier than ever and excited about the future. I love you Michelle!

~ Patti Bielik
Jacksonville, FL


I lowered my blood sugars – Michelle’s coaching was invaluable

Bill HowseI’d been dealing with the impacts of high blood sugar – felt tired after high carbohydrate meals, often dehydrated and suffered other symptoms. I’d only ever done my own self learning – what helped this time was the holistic approach and the knowledge Michelle provided. Her meal plans and recipes were very helpful and she incorporated emotional eating to shed some light on why we eat the way we do. During the 8 weeks I was able to get my blood sugars down from a high 10 to a high normal 6. I learned a great deal about food composition and nutrition, strategies for food preparation, dealing with sugar addiction, and how to develop a lifestyle void of simple sugars. Avoiding sugar is challenging. But I’m in control with the choices I make. The 8 week Sugar Shift focused me on the daunting task of lowering my blood sugars and Michelle’s coaching was invaluable in helping me reach my goals.

~ Bill Howse
St. John’s, Newfoundland



I am medication free

edithI was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and was put on the lowest dose of Metformin. My doctor said I could come off it if I could make sufficient changes in my eating habits. I saw a conventional dietitian but I wasn’t able to keep my glucose levels in check. My sugar cravings would often take over so strongly I’d overindulge in carbs or other high sugar content foods to get my sugar fix/high. After the Sugar Shift I no longer crave sugars or sweets. My appetite is in control and I’m feeling stronger and healthier day by day. I haven’t needed any Metformin since, nor have I needed my blood pressure pill! I am medication free! Amen! Also, I have lost around seven pounds and I am only one pound away from my goal weight. Thanks again Michelle for helping me get back my life and for helping me recognize and overcome my sugar addiction. My sweet tooth is gone. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude, praise, love, and thanks to you Michelle for the most amazing health program I’ve ever been on.

~ Edith Snow
St. John’s, NL


Working with Michelle is like being wrapped in a snuggly blanket holding a warm cup of tea

Kate H picI’m generally quite healthy, but once I get off track, it can be hard for me to get back on because I crave coffee drinks, sugar, baked goods, and chocolate. My sugar cravings were running crazy and I had gained some weight. By the end of the detox with Michelle, I was feeling so much more energized, and I had very little sugar cravings. I felt more in control of my eating. I still have things to figure out, but I generally felt healthier, lighter, and more energized. The top two factors for my success were the emotional support/journaling and the recipes. I’ve gone on cleanses before where they basically said here’s what you can’t eat and I was left to figure it out and just ate bland food. The delicious recipes were key! Working with Michelle is like being wrapped in a warm blanket holding a warm cup of tea. When I worked with you, I felt like everything was going to be just fine.”

~ Kate Horodyski, Blogger, Halifax


I love, love, love this program.

Rachelle Boudreau_sqThe Sugar Shift is so much more than I imagined it would be. It works so beautifully with other mindfulness work that I am doing right now. It has been a much more introspective, eye-opening and emotional process than I thought…and it is wonderful. I’ve had so many a-ha moments! I really like the materials you’ve provided. The members only page is great and the calls and Facebook page were so important for motivation and support. I can’t say enough about the program you have designed and your approach. So nurturing, and for the first time ever, I have taken a clear-eyed look at my relationship with food, and more deeply, myself. Thank you!

~ Rachelle Boudreau, Toronto, Ontario


Michelle has a personal, sincere and loving approach

LyAnn picWhen I was pregnant with my second child I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. It went away but I was warned diabetes may return later in life. I’ve also been battling hypoglycaemia for several years. Not wanting it to get out of control I started watching what, when and how much I ate. My Osteopath asked me to keep a food diary and felt that although I eat better than most there were “hidden” sugars in my food choices. That surprised me but I decided to do something about it and found Michelle. My life has since improved. Not only have my blood sugars been balanced, all the symptoms disappeared and it’s helped with digestion, inflammation, weight loss and education about food. Michelle genuinely cares about you and your success with your health. She has a personal, sincere and loving approach. Three months into working with her and I have a new attitude toward food and my health. I’m better prepared for shopping, prepping and cooking food. I live a whole foods life and my family and friends are very proud of my accomplishments with weight loss and all the benefits I have received with being accountable for what I eat.

~ LyAnn Hanham, Application Specialist, Halifax, Nova Scotia


Michelle you are a wonderful facilitator and has a gem of a program.

Pam O'Brien_sqOver this past year I found that I was ‘off the rails’ with regard to nutrition and couldn’t get myself back on track. I knew I needed to do something that would work with my busy schedule and life style so was thrilled to receive your invitation to the Sugar Shift. You have changed my life Michelle. I’ve had such a huge shift in my thinking and eating habits. We just came through Christmas and I’m so proud of myself. I set a plan prior to the holidays and stuck to it. I treated myself to a few nice desserts, but didn’t eat cookies, sweets and candy every day like I normally would. I had nuts to munch on, the occasional soda water, my freezer was stocked with soups and morning glory muffins, and I felt in control. What I did notice when I ate those dessert was I felt lethargic and a strange sensation running through my veins. I don’t feel deprived in the least. I feel so good about eating well. I’m excited to learn more and wanted you to know how grateful I am for helping me to shift.

~ Pam O’Brien, Bedford, Nova Scotia