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You’ll never find the time

I left the corporate world because I felt a call to help people live healthier lives. Personally, I longed for more flexibility and balance so I could focus on my own health and happiness.

I wanted to live with more intention, meaning and purpose. How about you? What do you long for?

Being an entrepreneur meant I was actually working more than in my former day-to-day job, and one of the first things to suffer was the flexibility and balance I hoped to gain.

I was starting to sacrifice my own health in the pursuit of learning, developing, growing and gaining experience in helping others improve their health.

There is never a lack of things to do, ideas to explore and opportunities to pursue. I had to pause and reflect on the very reasons why I became a wellness coach. How could I counsel others on their health if I wasn’t looking after my own?

I had to consciously decide where to spend my time. I couldn’t just wait for that free time to appear when I could focus on yoga, healthy cooking, creativity, spirituality and relationships.

Here’s a profound idea to consider: Successful people don’t FIND the time to learn and grow, they MAKE the time to learn and grow.

I had to make time in my calendar for self care. I had to decide on my work hours. I had to think about my days differently and make time for my non-negotiables. This things that keep me centred, grounded, healthy and happy.

I invite you to pause today, consider what are the things you and your body are longing for? What are your non-negotiables that you need each day so that you can show up at your absolute best?

As busy people, we’re blasted by many decisions each day. About work, family, finances, social life, hobbies, and of course our health. It becomes overwhelming, even with some great ideas presented to us. The easiest choice is to tune it all out. Barely getting by, coping and survival mode becomes the norm.

Today I present you with a choice. Will you choose to invest in yourself on Thursday, March 12 by joining my free online workshop that will leave you invigorated and inspired to make some health changes?

Click Here For Details About The Workshop called Why You’re Addicted to Sugar and How to Break Up with the Sweet Stuff for Good.

Take a look at your calendar and really evaluate whether what you have scheduled on that Thursday is a “must do” or a trivial task that can be bumped.

I promise you will walk away from this webinar with not just sugar break-up strategies, but with a renewed vision for your life and WHY you must have your health to be able to bring your vision to reality.

I’ve put a lot of time and energy into the presentation, and I believe that it will help you get clear on the hows and whys of getting off sugar.

We’ll be covering how to start shifting away from sugar and minimizing it’s negative impacts.

But more importantly than the hows, are the whys and if you are truly ready to break up with sugar for good. If you don’t review these steps first, jumping into the HOW will never take hold. That’s likely why you might not have been successful in the past. 

Make the time for yourself, join me and I’ll show you how to break up with sugar the lasting and sustainable way.

Hope to see you on Thursday you on March 12th.

For all the details and to register click here. 

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