Finally reach your health and wellness goals!

So you have the energy and vitality to succeed at work and thrive in life.

I’m your warm and caring ally for a vibrant and health-FULL life

You have a vision for your life. Dreams. Desires. Destinations. You can only achieve these with energy, health and well-being. I'd be honoured to work together to help you get there.


As your accountability partner for lasting health and wellness change, I’ll help you become the architect of your own healthy, rewarding and meaningful life.

I’m passionate about helping you reach your goals health because life is too short to be unwell. Without your health you simply can’t achieve your dreams.


Over the years my clients have had nice things to say about working with me. Read about their experiences and what it's like to work together.


My favourite indulgence is pizza | I'm happiest with a good book | My Myers-Briggs type is ISFJ | I'm a cat lover | Yoga grounds me | My sun sign is virgo | I’ve visited 20 different countries | I met my husband online | I’m a daily meditator | Real food nourishes me

"Michelle has been my true north for my health and wellness journey. She continues to be my light leading the way to health and wholeness. She provides a listening ear as well as challenges to improve the habits I have chosen to work on. Michelle not only encourages but also provides strategies, gently leading me toward success."

~ Mary Jo Kurily, Michigan

Hello! I'm Michelle.

I'm a Certified Health and Wellness Coach who’s passionate about working with women who are ready to feel better, prevent illness and live long vibrant lives.

Are you finally ready to make time and commit to your health and wellness goals but know you can’t do it alone?

Do you feel like if you had the right support - someone who could guide you step-by-step to reach those goals - you could make it happen?

If you’re tired of going it alone, not making progress and feeling frustrated, worried and depleted, it’s time to do something differently.

I’m here to help you feel better. I’m here to help you gain the energy, vibrancy and well-being necessary to live life to the fullest.

If you’re ready to do this and reclaim your health, now is the time.

Michelle MacLean _ health and wellness coach _

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