Coaching for stressed and overwhelmed women entrepreneurs

Prevent burnout so you can suceed at work and thrive in life!

Trying to do it all is hard. When you’re stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted you can’t show up fully for your clients, family or yourself. What will happen if the day comes when you can't get out of bed and full-on burnout sets in?

You can manage stress and prevent burnout. Here's how:


We'll connect on a 45-minute free Stress Breakthrough call to give you the clarity and guidance necessary to take the next step toward a stress-free, energized and invigorated life.


Learn tools and resources, develop new skills and habits to break the stress cycle, recover from daily stress and build resilience so you can bounce back from new stressors. 


Eliminate stress, overwhelm, exhaustion and worry. Embrace peace, ease and balance. Show up fully and present for your clients, family and yourself. Succeed at work and thrive in life!


My favourite indulgence is pizza | I'm happiest with a good book | My Myers-Briggs type is ISFJ | I'm a cat lover | Yoga grounds me | My sun sign is virgo | I’ve visited 20 different countries | I met my husband online | I’m a daily meditator | Real food nourishes me

"Michelle has been my true north for my health and wellness journey. She continues to be my light leading the way to health and wholeness. She provides a listening ear as well as challenges to improve the habits I have chosen to work on. Michelle not only encourages but also provides strategies, gently leading me toward success."

~ Mary Jo Kurily, Michigan

Hey busy lady.

I bet when you started your own business you were looking forward to doing things your way, on your terms, with flexibility and freedom. You had passion, wanted to share your unique gifts and make a difference.

Sound about right?

Let me guess, this dream has been stolen away by stress, overwhelm, exhaustion and worries of illness or burnout?

I’m Michelle a certified health and wellness coach. I’ve been on the brink of burnout three times in my life. And I prevented it each time.

I learned how to recover from daily stress, build a solid foundation of health and develop resilience.

I’m ready when new sources of stress come at me and can bounce back quickly. I’ve rediscovered passion for my work and truly feel like I’m thriving most days.

This is possible for you too. Let's chat.

Michelle MacLean _ health and wellness coach _

5 Steps to Stop Stressing and Start Thriving!

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