Uplevel your health

coaching skills

so you can provide value to clients

If you’re a health coach, you know that getting clients means having the confidence in your coaching skills to actually market yourself. Unfortunately, most struggling health coaches make the costly mistake of focusing on marketing first. But without the confidence in your coaching skills, you’ll never feel ready to launch your practice, get clients and start coaching.

That's why I developped the 3C method for upleveling your skills:


The first step is getting clear on the coach approach. Are you trying to be the expert who treats and prescribes, educate and implores? Are you offering suggestions and advice? Or are you embracing the advocate and inspire role of coach?


Then you need to boost your competence by practicing your coaching skills. Learn how to let the client lead. Hone your active listening. Fine tune your powerful questions. Become an effective accountability partner.


Finally, with clarity and you'll feel confident to launch your practice and actively market yourself as a coach. And when you get those clients you'll know how to skillfully coach them toward their goals and provide value.

My online program, which guides you through these three steps, will be ready in the fall of 2020. In the meantime, hop on over and join my free facebook group...

"I absolutely love Michelle! Not only is she an incredibly talented, experienced coach but she is also a warm, inviting, attentive teacher. She has an amazing ability to communicate and demonstrate coaching skill sets, concepts and ideas in ways that are easily understandable. This allowed me to adopt and utilize the coaching tools immediately within my own coaching practice. I got so much out of our time together, and I recommend her to anybody needing a strong, reliable source of coaching support."


~ Dana DiGioia, Self Love Coach, California

Hey there health coach

I bet when you enrolled in your health coach training, you imagined graduating with skills, confidence and a full roster of clients waiting to work with you.

But what really happened is that while you learned a ton of great information, you didn't get enough practice to feel skilled and equipped to actually coach clients.

Sound about right?

Now you're trying to market yourself but something is holding you back.

You have little to no practical experience, no testimonials and no clue what to do with a client once you get one.

You decide to get a few pro bono clients to practice with. You start searching for other trainings.

Bottom line is you just didn't get enough practice during your training and you don't feel confident enough in your skills.

I felt this way too. That’s why I went on to do many other trainings, certifications and accreditations. I spent a ton of time and money studying so I could feel competent enough to actually coach.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

You don’t need another training. You simply need to refresh what you learned and practice those skills to build the competence and confidence necessary to be a successful coach.

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The #1 Mindset Shift you Need to be a Confident Health Coach

Are you a new health coach who’s struggling to understand your role as coach?

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