6 tips for what to do when your client says, “I don’t know.”

Ever have a client who says "I don't know" when it comes to what they want to focus on?

Maybe you haven't started working with clients yet but you worry about this common scenario?

Bex over in our facebook group said she's experienced this and it feels like, "pulling blood from a stone!"

I definitely know what this feels like. I experienced a few clients early on in my practice that were like this. It can be really deflating, discouraging and frustrating for new health coaches. 

We blame ourselves, and think "what am I doing wrong? Why aren't they engaged?"

In this coaching skills tutorial, I share 6 tips on how to handle these types of clients and by the end you'll have some powerful questions and practices in your toolkit to handle these quiet, disengaged clients with ease.

What questions do you still have about this common coaching scenario? What tips will you implement to help your client open up?

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