Behind the scenes of my new Health Coaching Essentials Course

Now that my NBHWC exam is done I can't wait to have the time to focus on launching my Health Caching Essentials course.

I've been hearing from other people who support health coaches, that nothing like this exists out there. And it's why I'm so passionate about bringing it to life.

I know how frustrating it is to complete your health coach training program and feel like you still don't have the skills, process or structure to actually coach clients.

I felt exactly the same way. And I kept doing more trainings hoping that the next one would give this to me. But they never really spelled it out.

It feels like the actual coaching process is a bit of a mystery. Great to learn the theories and concepts behind it. But HOW do you actually guide someone through the sessions?

In this course, I'll walk you step-by-step through the entire process from your first free discovery call to your final coaching session and everything in between.

And the best part is you're not just going to learn great info, you'll get to listen into 11 real coaching sessions I recorded with two of my clients.

Then you'll get to practice the various aspects of the coaching session and receive feedback from me and your fellow coaches. This practice and feedback as a new coach is invaluable!

And you'll get testimonials from your coaching buddies to bring credibility, experience and social proof to your coaching biz.

You'll leave the course with real-life experience and confidence to take on those first few clients or to be a better coach with the ones you currently have.

I've got so much to share from my nine years of coaching clients, almost three certifications, and three health and wellness coach trainings I've done.

After coaching over 1000 IIN students, I know what your struggles are. I've listened to hundreds of coaching demos. I know the pitfalls, the mistakes and challenges.

I've watched so many new coaches not even launch their practices because they feel stuck, scared and unsure.

This is what I hope to help you avoid with this new program.

I want to help you say good-bye to the doubts, fears and worries. And say hello to skills, confidence and a coaching process you'll be proud and eager to share with clients.

When I think back on my coaching career, this is the one thing I kept searching for but couldn't find.

I wanted a step-by-step process and structure of HOW to coach.

Finally I'm bringing it to life!

It's coming. Soon.

I hope to open registration in March. I'll keep you posted as development unfolds.

Meantime, if this is of interest, I encourage you to get on the early notification list. Space will be limited likely to around 20 people since there will be so much practice time, live coaching calls and real-time feedback.

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Be well and be a great health coach,

P.S. What have you found to be a gap in your health coach training related to coaching skills, process and structure?

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