Are you getting enough vitamin D?

The warmer weather is coming, and for those of us living in more northern locations, that means we’ll be able to get some natural vitamin D. YES! Among the vitamins, vitamin D is pretty special. And because we get it primarily from the sun, many of us have a hard time getting enough and are…

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How I fell back in love with clams

On a recent road trip to Maine, we stopped at our favourite inn. That night at the bar a couple at the other end ordered steamer clams. They came in a cute bucket with butter for dipping. The couple told us every year they travel up to Maine to spend the summer and that one…

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A day in my eating life

A guide to cleaner eating One of the most common questions I get from clients, detox and workshop participants is “What do you eat?” If I had to categorize my eating and put a label on it, I would say I follow a low-carb approach. In the past I’ve been vegetarian, vegan, and then paleo.…

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