Become a Confident Health Coach

After coaching 1000+ health coaching students who were all about to graduate, I'm no stranger to the stories and limiting beliefs that hold new health coaches back from launching, getting clients and fulfilling their dreams of being effective and successful health coaches.

And it all comes down to one thing...


You need confidence in your skills. You need confidence in your process. You need confidence in your knowledge.

Without this confidence you won't be able to show up as the amazing health coach I know you can be!

Here's how I can help you boost your confidence and competence as a health coach.

Michelle's Health Coaching Essentials course is a true gift!

"After completing my health coaching course I felt a little lost in how to move forward with my coaching. Michelle provided an excellent coaching framework to follow in starting my business, an incredible amount of helpful content to use both in and out of the course, and the opportunity to practice with other coaches, which really increased my confidence and provided me with the affirmation that I have the skills and knowledge to move forward as a coach."

~ Meagan Lenz, Health & Wellness Coach

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6 Steps to Brilliant Health Coaching Sessions

Are you feeling confused about what to do during a 60-minute health coaching session?

Instead of actually coaching, do you spend the entire time just chatting or giving a bunch of advice and suggestions? 

I did this too before I eventually cracked the code to having effective coaching sessions. 

Finally, I felt confident and equipped to effectively help my clients achieve their health goals and all it took was 6 easy steps to get there. 

And now I’m sharing all my secrets!

I recorded this video with my 6-step blueprint to having brilliant health coaching sessions - and you can have immediate access!