Doubting your ability to be a good health coach?

I've been hearing from so many of you who have limiting beliefs about your ability to be a good health coach.

These are just a few of the comments I've heard recently:

"I can’t do this. I can’t be a health coach. I may as well give up now."

"What if I invest this time and energy into coaching and it's a flop?"

"I fear I won't be enough to help clients reach their goals. I don't want to make people's lives worse by taking their money and not helping."

"I don't know enough to be a health coach. Who am I to do this?"

"Am I good enough? Do I provide enough value?"

Are any of these beliefs playing over and over again in your head?

It's so common when we embark on something new for our minds and thoughts (our egos) to jump into defence mode. They really don't like it when we venture out beyond our comfort zone because they want to keep us safe and want to be right.

The ego wants to keep us safe believing all the things that we believe about ourselves. So if you have a longstanding belief that you don't know enough or aren't smart enough the ego is going to seek out proof of this because it wants to be right. It'll search for all the evidence possible to prove that you aren't good enough.

And where does that leave you? Stuck in these limiting beliefs and not going after your dreams.

Not exactly where you want to be is it?

If you're struggling to move past your limiting beliefs about being a health coach, I offer these 10 questions to work through:

  1. First identify the limiting belief. Get clear on the specific statement you keep telling yourself.
  2. To what degree (on a scale of 1-10) would you say your belief has been true for you up until now? 1 is low 10 is high.
  3. Can you find any proof at all that this belief is not true about who you are? (EX: Things you've done in the past, accomplishments, successes).
  4. What is the consequence of holding onto this belief? What negative things could happen in the future if you keep holding onto this belief? What will you miss out on?
  5. How do you benefit from holding onto this belief and staying stuck? This is a tough one. Be truthful. There are always things you gain by holding onto beliefs. (EX: you gain free time, gain not having to work so hard, gain not taking a risk, etc)
  6. If you let go of this belief what would be possible? What does that future vision for your health coaching practice look like?
  7. After reflecting on the previous answers, can you agree that the belief is not the truth about who you are? On a scale of 1-10 how true is the belief for you now?
  8. Are you ready to let go of it and find a new one that serves you better?
  9. What would that new belief be? One that is more empowering and can help to move you forward?
  10. With these new insights, what can you do to keep going? What is the first step you'll take to move toward that vision of becoming a health coach?

Now, your mission if you choose to accept it, will be to get that action step into your calendar and get someone to hold you accountable to it.

Believe me, the limiting beliefs never really go away. They're always there. Maybe less powerful. Maybe new ones creep in. But what I know is true, is that the benefits of moving forward toward your dreams far outweigh the risks of staying stuck in these beliefs.

You got this!

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