Is this for you?

Is this for you?

Most of my clients are at a crossroads. They have some initial health challenges like pre-diabetes, insulin resistance, and high blood sugars. They’ve tried a number of things. But nothing seems to stick. It works for a while but then they fall back into their old habits.

Some have had their docs ask them to try and get their blood glucose levels down. Even though they aren’t diabetic yet, there’s worry about what’ll happen if they keep going down the same road.

A few of them have a little extra weight on and suffer from joint pain, stiffness and aches. They don’t sleep well and because of all this don’t get much physical activity.

Others are moody, have cravings and their energy goes up and down throughout the day. You get jittery, anxious and irritable if you go a few hours without eating.

Most of my clients are sick of battling with sugar. Needing it every afternoon or evening. Hiding sweets from their families. Thinking about where their next sugar fix is coming from.

The other common complaint I hear is about the traditional treatment and lack of lifestyle information my clients receive from their doctors. They’re told they will have to go on medication. That it’s inevitable they’ll end up with diabetes or metabolic syndrome. Eat less sugar, get moving and lose some weight is what they’re told. But these are major lifestyle changes that need support and step by step processes to follow.

Does this sound like you? Can you relate to these stories?

Are you frustrated, overwhelmed, and worried? Have you received a warning signal, had a stern taking to from your doctor, or just know deep down inside you can’t keep going down this same path? Are you now truly ready to make some dietary and lifestyle changes?

I know you’ll be able to shift away from sugar and carbohydrates like many of my clients have. If you’re here, reading this, then you’re ready.

Michelle MacLean, the Sugar Shift, Is this you?You’re ready to get your sugar challenges under control.

You’re ready to listen to your body’s divine wisdom, its expert guidance and understand what it truly needs to be healthy and well.

You’re ready to step into a more loving relationship with yourself, to find your inner sweetness and stop focusing on weight loss and how you look.

You’re ready to rediscover the joy in movement and food and develop daily habits that keep you healthy over your lifetime.

I would love to be your compassionate and trusted ally who guides you through this loving journey toward health, happiness and longevity.

I know you can do it, you don’t need all that extra sugar – you are already sweet enough!

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