Kind words

"Thank you for helping me gain the confidence to dive into coaching full time"

Michelle MacLean | Health Coach Skills Mentor| Testimonial

"I received so many amazing benefits from Michelle’s coaching mentorship.

My most valuable takeaway was learning how to be a guide for the client. It was crucial to learn how to coach according to their needs, not according to what I think they need.

There are so many subtle clues and signs within the conversation that reveal what’s really going on underneath. It was wonderful to be able to witness this process first hand and constructive having Michelle’s feedback throughout each session.

Michelle taught us a coaching framework that was so helpful as a budding new coach. It gave me the confidence to start taking on clients and allowed me to move through a session efficiently and effectively.

I just want to thank you for helping me gain the confidence to dive into coaching full time. Had I not had your advice and input I don’t think I would’ve made the leap.

You really gave me the support and encouragement I needed, and I feel so lucky to have had you as my mentor. Thank you for being there for me; I appreciate all of your time and attention. I wouldn’t be where I am today without you!

-- Dana DiGioia, Self Love Coach, California

The following are comments I received from my IIN Coaching Circle Students:

IIN Students

"Michelle was outstandingly clear and helped me get what being a Health Coach is all about."

"Michelle was very skilful in demonstrating coaching techniques, she gave excellent feedback so we learned a lot in our practice coaching."

"Michelle was awesome! She did a great job of being supportive and encouraging, and she enabled us to practice our skills while still teaching us and helping us along the way."

"Michelle was warm, dynamic and deceptively adept. Her breezy style hid her amazing knowledge and technique."

"I really enjoyed the Coaching Circles experience, Michelle is very professional and an excellent coach and group facilitator."

"Michelle was amazing at leading the group and keeping us on task. She was also wonderful at listening and providing both positive feedback and critiques to each of us."

"Michelle was a very good and dedicated coach. She pushed us to prepare for each circle and to think deeply about the topics, which I appreciate very much."

"She knew when to intervene when students stepped off course in a very patient and understanding manner but kept us all focused at the same time. I can’t say enough about how positive the experience was. Michelle is awesome!!!"

"Michelle was extremely knowledgeable and patient with the whole group and extremely attentive to everyone’s needs."

"She was wonderful. I really appreciate her presence and her work. She was warm and informative and a great example to follow."

"I really thought it was very useful to have coaching circles. Michelle was great at guiding us and it was an excellent experience to practice our coaching."

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