Kind words

"Thanks for the confidence to dive into coaching full time"

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"I received so many amazing benefits from Michelle’s coaching mentorship.

My most valuable takeaway was learning how to be a guide for the client. It was crucial to learn how to coach according to their needs, not according to what I think they need.

Michelle taught us a coaching framework that was so helpful as a budding new coach. It gave me the confidence to start taking on clients and allowed me to move through a session efficiently and effectively.

I just want to thank you for helping me gain the confidence to dive into coaching full time. Had I not had your advice and input I don’t think I would’ve made the leap.

You really gave me the support and encouragement I needed, and I feel so lucky to have had you as my mentor. Thank you for being there for me; I appreciate all of your time and attention. I wouldn’t be where I am today without you!

-- Dana DiGioia, Self Love Coach

“Working with Michelle was a game changer for me”

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"Michelle is the best! She has a gift for coaching, is experienced, knowledgeable and passionate. She creates an inviting, safe space to practice and get feedback.

I got clear on how to lead a session, dance in the moment and how to ask powerful questions so the client finds their own answers.

This gave me confidence and enhanced my coaching program.If you're a new coach or unsure of how to coach then I recommend working with Michelle to build your confidence and skills. You won't regret it!"

-- Christine Terrio, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

"My experience with Michelle was enriching and inspiring."

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"The quality I appreciate most about Michelle is her ability to, not only pinpoint strengths and be encouraging, but also to provide constructive feedback. This is vital to improving skills and growing as a successful coach.

Michelle’s professionalism and sensible approach to coaching are truly inspiring. I'd most certainly recommend Michelle to any coach who wishes to elevate their skills, is seeking support, and needs advice about the challenges that arise, particularly at the start of a coaching career."

-- Bénédicte Richard, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

"Michelle gave me the confidence to launch my coaching career.”

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"I’ll forever remember Michelle as the person who supported me at the start of my coaching journey and gave me the tools and confidence to begin coaching and attract clients.

She helped me go from 'information provider' to 'transformational coach. I now offer powerful foundation sessions and have a session-by-session structure for my coaching program. These tools gave me the confidence and motivation to keep going.

Now I'm delivering successful coaching experiences and excited to work with more and more clients. Thank you!”

-- Jana El Osta, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

“Michelle's teachings are the perfect compliment to my training."

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"Michelle has such a talent for communicating and teaching coaching tools, techniques and methodologies. I feel so fortunate to gain such valuable information at this early stage in my health coaching career.

Her teachings and tutorials are the perfect compliment to the health coach training I received. It's so helpful, to have what I learned, be reiterated, expanded on and backed up with great practical examples and recommendations.

I can't thank Michelle enough for giving me the confidence and reassurance to take the leap, build my client base and actually coach!"

-- Sacha Moog, Nutritional Health Coach, founder, Simply Nourishing

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6 Steps to Brilliant Health Coaching Sessions

Are you feeling confused about what to do during a 60-minute health coaching session?

Instead of actually coaching, do you spend the entire time just chatting or giving a bunch of advice and suggestions? 

I did this too before I eventually cracked the code to having effective coaching sessions. 

Finally, I felt confident and equipped to effectively help my clients achieve their health goals and all it took was 6 easy steps to get there. 

And now I’m sharing all my secrets!

I recorded this video with my 6-step blueprint to having brilliant health coaching sessions - and you can have immediate access!