Kind words clients have said about our work together

Encouraging, challenging and motivating

“When I contacted Michelle I wanted to figure out what 'healthy' looked like at 50. The changes I made have stuck because they were backed up with good thinking, planning, trying and reflecting. For me, this is the essence of a good coaching relationship.

Michelle asked astute questions and listened attentively to my answers. Her follow-up questions often allowed me to see things that had been hiding in plain sight. I tested small changes systematically, tweaked the plan as needed, and felt free to discard strategies that were not helping.

At every point in our four-month relationship, I felt I was making deliberate, thoughtful choices, and reflecting meaningfully on whether they were contributing positively to my health.

I was a bit concerned at first about receiving coaching over the phone. It ended up being a real bonus. I have never been able to be so focused in a discussion about my health.

To make the most of the coaching sessions, you need to be really committed to honest reflection. Michelle can only work with what you share, and so it is worth doing the hard work of responding thoughtfully (and courageously) to the questions she asks. I never felt scolded or stupid.

Michelle was dependably encouraging, appropriately challenging and motivating.”

~ Valerie Walker, Halifax

My true north for my health and wellness

“My coaching relationship with Michelle began in 2016. I’ve completed one of her cleanses, her Sugar Shift Program and have been doing personal one-to-one coaching with her in an effort to continue the life work that had been started in these programs.

Two years later, our coaching continues and has evolved - Michelle allows me to set the tone and focus of our work according to my personal and nutritional needs.

Michelle has been my true north for my health and wellness journey. She continues to be my light leading the way to health and wholeness. She provides a listening ear as well as challenges to improve the habits I have chosen to work on. Michelle not only encourages but also provides strategies, gently leading me toward success.

I plan to continue my personal coaching sessions with Michelle, until I determine they are no longer necessary.”

~ Mary Jo Kurily, Michigan

Consistent credible support

“Michelle brings her knowledge and inspiration for greater health and vitality to her clients with great generosity.

She shares recipes, practical advice and encourages flexibility with her recommendations, which makes healthy eating so much more accessible. Michelle’s well researched and refined recipes are easy to prepare, always tasty and in my experience, deliver the health benefits - greater clarity and energy to live more fully!

I would recommend her to anyone seeking consistent, credible support on the journey to greater health through nutrition!”

~ Eileen Reardon, Halifax

A committed and trusting coach

Michelle is very supportive always reinforcing the importance of setting goals and having accountabilities. She is a committed and a trusting coach always encouraging me to do my best to reach my specific goals. She is clear on expectations and reinforces accomplishments along the way. If I slipped up, Michelle encouraged me to be gentle and kind, dust myself off and get back on track.

Working with Michelle was an inspiring, uplifting and satisfying experience. It helped me focus on my own personal goals and gave me a process for getting there. I lost 10 lbs and am feeling great!"

~ Judy Lutley, Bedford

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