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Tired of making New Year’s resolutions around your health each January and then losing steam a few weeks in?

Ready for a fresh and healthy start in 2016?

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The holiday indulgence has taken its toll.

The New Year hangover is in full force. You’re feeling the nasty side effects of the sugar, sweets, candy rich foods, wine and cheese, cocktails and canapés, late nights and little exercise.

Your clothes are tight. Your digestion is crampy and clogged. Your head is foggy and dazed. You’re stiff and sore, moody and melancholy.

Your mind, body and spirit are in need of some recharging.

You need a reboot!

In just 14 days you can start the process of making healthy choices to achieve your weight loss goals. In just 14 days you can reboot your system back to its original, balanced, healthy state and reclaim the vitality you know is within you.

Instead of the New Year’s resolutions you typically make – lose 10 pounds, go to the gym three times a week, reduce sugar and quit drinking – we’re going deeper.

During the 14 day Resolution Reboot you’re going to uncover what your true vision for your health is and through a cleanse process, clear out not only the physical toxins, but also de-clutter the emotional gunk that might be holding you back from realizing your dreams, desires and your true radiant vitality.

Getting clean and clear, physically and emotionally, will offer new perspectives and a new foundation to soar from.

From this solid foundation, your new intentions for the year will look completely different. They’ll have more meaning and purpose. They’ll be doable and realistic. They’ll be motivated from the inside out. And you’ll be able to sustain the change over time instead of giving up before winter is over!

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Resolution Reboot is a 14-day online group program that will help make your intentions “stick” and really change your habits for good. By the end of our two weeks, your taste buds will have changed, your cravings will have subsided and you won’t want sweets as much. Imagine how good it will feel to kick off the New Year with health and vitality!

What can you expect at the end of Resolution Reboot?

  • A healthy relationship with food
  • A positive connection with your body
  • An ease about the foods that work for you
  • A back-to-basics approach to nutrition
  • An understanding of real hunger
  • A mindful way of eating
  • A craving-less existence
  • A diet free life

The Resolution Reboot offers:

  • Delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes
  • A daily cleanse protocol
  • A flexible meal plan
  • Information about sugar and cravings
  • Strategies for mindful eating
  • Journaling exercises
  • Ideas for creative exploration
  • Opportunities to build connections & community

Your Resolution Reboot package includes:

  • Information on sugar, its damaging effects on the body and healthy alternatives
  • Recipes that are delicious and easy-to-prepare so you’ll never be hungry or unsatisfied
  • Private Facebook group to connect and interact with other cleansers throughout the 14 days
  • Shopping list and menu plan templates so you can design your own custom cleanse based on the foods and recipes that appeal to you
  • Daily journalling and contemplative activities geared to exploring your relationship with food, connecting you with your body, and shifting your mindset so you can get unstuck and start changing your unhealthy patterns and behaviours for life.

How does the program work?

  • Upon registering, you’ll receive a welcome email with all the pertinent dates, details and the link to join the Facebook group.
  • On Tuesday, January 18 you’ll receive email access to all the cleanse materials.
  • The next few days you’ll spend preparing, and the detox officially starts on Friday, January 22.
  • Each day of the detox you’ll receive an inspiring email with nutrition information, self care and self discovery invitations and activities.
  • Each day you’ll check in on Facebook with the other participants to inspire, encourage and support one another.

Important dates and schedule:

  • Final deadline to register: Monday, Jan 18
  • Access to materials: Tuesday, Jan 19
  • First day of cleanse: Friday, Jan 22
  • Last day of cleanse: Friday, Feb 5

What some past participants have to say:

Participants in my past programs appreciate the accessibility and comprehensiveness of the online materials, rave about the deliciousness and ease of the recipes, and are grateful for the ongoing support and encouragement. They think highly of the flexibility and ability to make my programs their own, and most importantly are inspired by their positive changes to continue making further healthy shifts for life.

Donna ClarkBefore working with Michelle I was frustrated with my eating and weight gain. I had slipped into unhealthy habits, again, and was feeling lethargic and very aware of old habits controlling my eating. I wanted more energy and mental alertness. At the end of the cleanse, I was feeling much more energetic. I was enjoying the sweetness of fruit, the crunch of more raw vegetables, and taking care to prepare healthier food. It was the beginning. Michelle works with grace – she is non-judgmental and is excellent at working with her clients to find what works within their life style and goals.

~ Donna Clarke, Leadership Development Consultant & Coach, Halifax, NS

Ginger BBefore working with Michelle, I was having digestion issues such as bloating and indigestion. Through my first cleanse I began to discover which foods were affecting me like dairy and wheat. I found that with a better working digestive system, I’m not bloated, my bowels are regular and I have more energy. Michelle did not guide me in a diet… instead she helped me to transition to a healthier way of eating. She worked with my goals which were to feel better by finding more energy. Her claim of giving you practical guidance to help you reclaim your VITALITY is true! I highly recommend Michelle. She changed my life for the better and I am deeply grateful.

– Ginger Bogusz, Adult Educator, Corrections Canada, Bedford, Nova Scotia

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About Michelle

Michelle MacLeanI bring to this program:

25 years of interest, learning and experimenting with nutrition, health and wellness and spiritual growth.

Through my own personal life experience I’ve found the courage to follow my heart, take risks and make significant transformations so I can lead a life with purpose, meaning, health and inner peace.

I’ve been described as warm, down-to-earth, compassionate, practical, knowledgeable, real and someone who “walks the talk”.

From an educational standpoint, I’m a certified Health and Wellness Coach & Nutrition Consultant, graduating from both the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and RealBalance Global Wellness. I’m on my way to receiving accreditation from the International Coach Federation.

Additionally, I have two bachelor’s degrees – one in Political Science and one in Public Relations.

I also write a paid column on health and wellness in the Chronicle Herald community newspapers.

Join me and a community of other cleansers between Jan. 22 and Feb. 5th, 2016 and spend 14 days recharging your body, mind and spirit. Take this time reboot and reclaim the vitality that you know is within you.


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