Should you send a recap email to your client after the session?

We've been having a great discussion over in the Health Coaching Essentials group about whether or not we should send recap emails to clients after sessions.

This has come up a lot with new health coaches who spend time after coaching sessions typing up all the notes, summarizing action steps and sending resources.

I get it. I used to do this too. I'd spend upwards of an hour after each session preparing the recap email.

Over time, as I got more clients, I realized this was unsustainable. It was taking way too much time and I was burned out.

I received some really good feedback from my mentor about this years ago and developed a different strategy. It's given me a lot of time back and also much more empowering to my clients.

Check out this video to learn what the tip is and what to do instead of sending lengthy and time-consuming recap emails.

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