Stress Recovery & Resilience Coaching

I support self-employed women who are feeling the impacts of stress and are struggling to make their health and well-being a priority. It's beginning to take a toll on your health, relationships and your business.


You likely started your business because you love your work, wanted flexibility and freedom. Now that you are a few years in you are finding it a challenge to manage all of the demands.

You're pulled in a million different directions - work, kids, marriage, home, bills, vacations, appointments, meal planning, social life, family commitments and the list goes on.

There's just no time for you. You're so busy looking after everyone else that the first thing to go on your to-do list is your own self-care.

Sometimes it's hard to even manage the basics - sleep, nourishing food and movement. Forget even thinking about things like getting that pedicure, starting a meditation practice, a girl's night out or developing a morning routine!

You may be developing some poor habits to cope and distract from the overwhelm and fatigue. Comforting yourself with food, alcohol, or Netflix bingeing.

Niggling health issues may also be developing - weight gain, headaches, digestive issues, aches and pains, irritability, lack of concentration.

And toward the work you once loved, you may be feeling ineffective, unproductive, and unsatisfied.

Any of this sound familiar?

"Working with Michelle was an inspiring, uplifting and satisfying experience. It helped me focus on my own personal goals and gave me a process for getting there."  

~ Judy Lutley, Bedford, NS

If you're ready to get support to make healthy changes in your life, I’d be honoured to guide you.

This is personal work. It is not one-size fits all. That’s why I prefer to work one-to-one to give you privacy and my full personal attention.

 My personal coaching program is for you if you:

  • Fear that one day the stress will get so bad that you won’t be able to get out of bed.
  • Are worried that full-on burnout isn't that far off.
  • Always have a sense of urgency about everything.
  • Feel guilty about spending time on you.
  • Feel shame that you can't do it all.
  • Feel like there are never enough hours in the day to get it all done.
  • Have a never-ending to-do list.
  • Feel like your life is not your own.
  • Prioritize everyone else but yourself.
  • Don't have the accountability stick to your health or self-care goals.
  • Can't say NO and take on way too much.
  • Can't distinguish between the "must" dos and the "should" dos.

Our work together may include:

  • The Lifestyle Essentials - Sleeping, eating and moving
  • Mindset - Redefining success, working through limiting beliefs, developing self-worth
  • Self-Care - Developing practices to help you recharge, get quiet and reduce stress
  • Prioritizing - Learning how to let go, say no and set boundaries
  • Time Management - tools, techniques and practices
  • Daily Routines - To set you up for success
  • Habits - Mastering new habits to support sustainable health and wellness change
  • Connection - Reestablishing connection to yourself and the things you love; hobbies, people, places, interests

Through our work together you can expect to achieve:

  • Improved health and wellness - eliminating those annoying symptoms that might develop into something more chronic if you don't address them now
  • Increased energy and vitality so you can show up fully for your clients,  family, friends and your life!
  • More balance, clarity and confidence so you can let go of what you should do and start doing what you want to do
  • Renewed purpose and meaning in your work - reignite that initial reason you became self-employed
  • More time and energy for family, friends, interests and hobbies
  • Better focus, efficiency and effectiveness so you can get more done in less time
  • Increased sense of joy, connection and contentment in your work and relationships
  • More peace, calm and relaxation throughout your day

Stress Recovery & Resilience Personal Coaching Program

We’ll dive in to get clarity on where you are today, identify your challenges and reveal the patterns and behaviours keeping you stuck.

Then we’ll look ahead to get clear on your vision - where you want to be in three months.

From this unique foundation, together we’ll chart a customized, doable course of action that will work best for you.

My approach to stress is a bit different. It's not about eliminating the sources of stress, which is futile. It's about helping you recover from the daily stressors in your life, learning to protect yourself from additional stressors and building resilience so you can adapt and maintain health.

If you've tried different do-it-yourself options and have not achieved the progress you were hoping for, then 1:1 coaching is for you. You're ready and committed to making lasting change once and for all.

Program Includes:

  • Welcome package
  • 12 coaching sessions
  • 45 minutes each
  • Sessions conducted by phone, FaceTime or Zoom
  • Handouts, worksheets, tracking tools and other goodies
  • Unlimited email support

Start with a free Stress Breakthrough Session – on me!

This session will give you the clarity and guidance necessary to take the next step toward a stress-free, energized and invigorated life.

During this complimentary 45-minute session, we will:

  • Discuss how the stressors in your life have been impacting your work, health and relationships.
  • Get a clear picture on what your life would be like without the toll stress has been taking.
  • Discover how working together can help you reach your business and life goals.

After this call, you will feel clear, supported and empowered to take control of the stress and create the business and life you dream of and deserve.

5 Steps to Stop Stressing and Start Thriving!

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