The four cornerstones of coaching

One of the best books I've read on coaching is Co-Active Coaching. It's also one of the required texts for the national board exam I'm studying for. Eeek less than three weeks away!

This book has been called the bible of coaching and provides the tools, skills and fundaments to succeed as a coach.

The authors define Four Cornerstones of Coaching which I believe as health coaches we should be aware of and practice.

These cornerstones form a container that holds the coaching conversation and provide a structure for engaged and empowered coaching relationships.

The Four Cornerstones of Coaching:

1. People are naturally creative resourceful and whole.

As coaches we hold that our clients are capable - of finding answers, choosing, taking action, overcoming challenges and capable of learning and growing. We take a stand for our client's resourcefulness, creativity and inner wisdom.

2. Focus on the whole person

The client is not a problem to be solved. Not broken and does not need to be rescued or fixed. They are whole. Heart, mind, body and spirit. We take into consideration the whole, the entirety, the big picture of their life. We acknowledge that a change in one area can impact and ripple out to others.

3. Dance in this moment

This means to be present to what is happening right now and to respond to what is happening in that moment rather than to be fixed on a master coaching plan. We dance together. We collaborate, partner, and co-create. It's about being in tune with one another, trusting the relationship, going with the flow.

4. Evoke transformation

While we are never guaranteeing a transformation, the spirit of coaching is one of transformation, potential and possibility. As we hold the very best and highest for our client, the learning and growth experienced is seen as transformative in some way. There's an expanded capacity for the client to reach their full potential.

I highly recommend this book if you'd like to learn more about this model, coaching fundamentals, skills, principles and practices. There are also a lot of great coaching conversation examples included.

Over to you: Which one of these four cornerstones of coaching resonates with you the most? 

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