This makes me feel like a kid again

Three years ago my husband and I got bit by the biking bug (like that alliteration?)

We were on Martha’s Vineyard on vacation and our friends had some extra bikes and we went for a long ride.

While my ass had never ever been that sore before, I loved it.

We came home and decided to do some research on various bikes. We rented e-bikes and fell even more in love with biking!

The possibilities with e-bikes were incredible. Go as long as you want and never worry about being too tired to make it home. Just crank on some juice and wee hoo you’re flying.

At the end of that season we purchased some e-bikes and have been truly enjoying them ever since.

Last Sunday we were out for a good ride (about 50 kms) and I noticed I had a smile on my face the entire time.

It was the perfect fall day. A nice breeze. Cool in the wooded sections. Sunny and warm in the unshaded sections.

I love going fast and feeling the wind rushing over my skin. Working a little harder on the uphills, then coasting on the downhills.

Listening to the sounds of the rustling trees passing by, the birds in the trees. Breathing in the smells of the forest.

Sooo. Much. Fun.

Being active out in nature like this is nourishment for all of our senses. It’s food for our souls. And it does wonders to alleviate stress, overwhelm and exhaustion.

Biking makes me feel like a kid again!

The other thing I was reminded about on our ride was how biking is like the stress cycle in our lives.

We pedal really hard on the uphills, using all of our muscle strength and lung capacity and then we recover on the downhills. We get a break. We coast. We rest. We recover from the output.

And then we go through the cycle again.

What’s important here is the rest and recovery portion. It is crucial. This is the part that many of us don’t do in our daily lives. We never fully recover from one bout of stress when another one hits. Or we stay in a constant stressed state without any break at all.

This is when stress can take a toll on our health causing everything from digestive issues, a weakened immune system, insomnia, headaches, high blood pressure, anxiety and more. If we’re lucky we catch it before it turns into full-on burnout or another chronic illness.

Are you taking time to recover from the the daily stress in your life? Or are you in a constant stress cycle with no letting up?

What outdoor activities do you love that break that stress cycle and help you recover, refuel and recharge?


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