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A special offer for Participants of The Resolution Reboot

Program begins April 9th, 2015.

As a thank you for your commitment to your own health and wellness, I’d love to invite you to dive deeper into making lasting changes by joining  The Spring 2015 Sugar Shift for the incredible low offer of $199.00 + hst.

That’s $200 off the regular registration.

This offer gets you full admission into my signature 8-week program, The Sugar Shift and includes:

  • Access of the materials through a private “Participants Only” site. All of the materials are saved as pdfs so you can download an print them at your own convenience and save them for future reference. You’ll receive access to the module each week on Sunday so you have until Thursday to review them before our call.
  • NINE calls that will held on Thursdays at 12:00 noon, ADT. I’m using a new system that eliminates long distance charges and will be interactive and fun. There will be one call for each of the eight weeks and then a wrap up call at the end. Calls will be recorded to listen at your own convenience.
  • In weeks 4-5-6 we do the 21-Day whole foods sugar detox. This aspect of the program comes with a detoxing guidebook, 21 days of delicious whole foods recipes, daily protocols, meal planning and shopping list templates. New recipes are being added as well as new handouts and protocols for maximizing the detox experience.
  • The secret Facebook aspect will remain the same with lots of interactive inquiries, suggestions for sharing and connection.
  • You can look forward to the homework invitations, worksheets, tracking tools, activities and journalling exercises – this is where the real experiential learning comes in. The work you do between our calls each week is really where the transformation takes place.
  • Finally, you’ll also have a chance to listen in to the guest expert interviews and I’m excited to have a new guest interview with Co-Active Coach Miriam Linderman. In Module 5, which is all about emotional detoxing and intuitive eating, Miriam will share her strategies for reconnecting with the body and soul to find our essence and ignite joy, play, magic and ease.

If you want to review in detail the full Sugar Shift program you can do so here.

(But be sure to come back to this page to register!)

Here’s a recap of what you can expect in each module:

Phase 1- Reflect & Review

Module 0 – This is sort of a pre-program bonus that you can start to dig into right after you register. The Primer Activity Booklet has 4 activities to help you determine if you are truly ready to break up with sugar.

Module 1 – Introduction & Welcome – The first week is all about getting acquainted with one another and the program. You complete the circle of personal nutrition worksheet, start creating your personal areas of focus, and start tracking your baseline health indicators.

Module 2 – Getting started & setting yourself up for success. In week 2 you start exploring your areas of connection and support, track your week 1 progress, do the 24 hour no sugar challenge. Guest expert interview with Dr. Michael Arloski.

Phase 2 – Release & Reset

Module 3 – Preparing to detox. In week 3 you receive all the materials for the 21 day sugar detox. This week is all about reviewing those materials, developing your meal plans & shopping lists, cleaning out your pantry, stocking up with healthy foods,and getting your head around the detox phase. Guest expert interview with Dr. Laura Nurse, Naturopath.

Module 4 – Nuts & bolts of the 21-day sugar shift detox. In week 4 you actually start the detox. This can be a tough week where folks are dealing with detoxing symptoms, and moving through the physical detoxification process. This week is where lots of support and connection is really important. You’ll receive info on dealing with detoxing symptoms, maximizing the detox process and much more.

Module 5 – Emotional detoxing & intuitive eating. During the second week of the detox in week 5, you’ve moved through the physical detoxification, and are now focussed on the emotional detox process. Start to work with gremlins and the inner critic, take an initiative eating assessment, understand how to meet your needs with out food and learn about the mind-body connection. Guest expert interview with body-soul coach Miriam Linderman.

Module 6 – Movement & self-care. In week 6 – the final week of the detox, your energy will be starting to come back and you’ll be feel gin good and strong, we look at physical activity, movement and explore what is the right form and amount for you. Look at your self care habits and Wrap up the final week of the detox.

And then it’s the final phase of the Sugar Shift:

Phase 3 – Reclaim & Revive

Module 7 – Rebuild your health. Week 7 is All about moving out of the detox and into whole foods living. You take Assessments, develop your whole foods plans. Also do a sweet treat experiment to see how it feels to reintroduce sweets back in. Guest expert interviews with chef Jan Buhrman and nutritionist John Bagnulo.

Module 8 – Celebration & healthy habits for life. Our final week is All about celebrating your hard work and accomplishments, evaluating your progress and developing a plan for moving beyond the Sugar Shift.

The Sugar Shift with Michelle MacLean

Maybe you’ve fallen off track since Resolution Reboot? Maybe the timing wasn’t right for you at the start of a new year? Maybe you need a refresher to get you re-inspired and re-motivated?

Most people need to experience things a few times before they really sink in. The spring is a great time to cleanse, shed the winter layers and prepare your body, mind and spirit for the lightness of summer.

Ready to take your sugar shift even deeper?

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Resolution Reboot Participant Special Offer

Incredible Low Offer of $199 + 15% hst.

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