Why pro bono clients don’t work and what to do instead

Are you giving away your time and energy for free with pro bono clients?

I hear this all the time from the new health coaches I work with:

"I just need to get some practice clients for before I start charging."

"I’m not ready to start charging."

"I don’t know enough."

"I don’t think I can provide value."

"I'm not ready to start coaching for real."

"I’ve been doing this for free for so long it feels weird to start charging - I’ll just keep doing it for free."

Here’s what I see happening:

Your health coach training didn't provide much opportunity to practice so you are encouraged to start with a few free pro bono clients to get practice, build your confidence and skills.

Or you didn’t take advantage of the opportunities you were given to practice, so you still need to get that practice somewhere, which usually ends up being with pro bono clients.

Why is this a mistake?

I can’t say that it never works, because sometimes it does. Some coaches are lucky and do get engaged free practice clients.

But for the most part I hear a lot of negative experiences.

Check out the video to find out why pro bono clients don't work and my 6 tips for what to do instead.

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