I've been hearing from so many health coaches with clients who are stuck.

Stuck getting started. Stuck part way. Stuck in their thoughts. Stuck from moving forward.

The client says they want to make change, that everything is going well, but clearly it's not. Something is getting in the way.

This can be so frustrating, disappointing and discouraging for new health coaches.

You blame yourself. Feel like you're not doing your job. That you're ineffective and can't help the client.

It makes you question your skills and role as a coach. Am I right?

Believe me I've been there. In fact, I'm working with a client right now who is stuck. She has her vision, she knows the risks of staying the same, understands the benefits of changing, but still finding it hard to get started. And we're working through it.

It’s our job as coaches to watch for signs of stuckness, stalling and when the client isn’t moving forward. It’s our job to help raise the clients' awareness and help them recognize the signs. Over time the client can become more aware of their patterns and limiting beliefs and be able to shift things more quickly for themselves.

Throughout my years of training and coaching, I’ve pulled together some coaching strategies and tools that can help. I'm using a few of these with my stuck client right now!

In this video I'm sharing 10 ways (plus 2 additional bonus tips) you can coach your client when they are stuck.

With these strategies in your toolkit you'll never stress about stuckness again.

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