I had the opportunity to tune into Kelly Leveque's talk during IIN Virtual 2020 on Saturday.

If you're not familiar with Kelly she is an IIN grad, a holistic nutritionist, celebrity health coach, bestselling author of Body Love and Body Love Every Day.

She had some really great advice for new health coaches that I wanted to pass along. (I took some notes and am paraphrasing what she shared in her talk).

She’s about to have a new baby and she got thinking about how when a baby is born, they are just starting out, similar to you starting out as a new health coach.

And what typically happens with new health coaches is they look ahead to this incredible vision for their coaching practices, and all the things they want to accomplish, and get totally overwhelmed.

It would be like a new baby getting anxious about the fact that it would have to learn how to run someday. That would be totally overwhelming.

So instead, new babies come into this world and are curious. It’s all new, exciting they are absorbing everything with no preconceived ideas about what’s right or wrong they are just learning and the curiosity allows them to grow.

The baby has to first learn how to roll over, then sit up, then crawl. They have to take those baby steps before they can learn to run.

So as a new health coach can you adopt this way of thinking. That you have to build your practice brick by brick, laying the foundation slowly step by step.

Kelly's advice is to get curious and go back to the basics. You don’t have to do it all at once. Start with that first step. Post a recipe, send that email, write a blog.

Figure out what the most important thing you can start with is, the thing that will have the most impact. What’s that foundational brick, that once in place, will support your biz.

Yes have that dream, your vision in mind, but you don’t have to build it all at once overnight. You don’t need to know how to run yet. Get curious. Be consistent. Develop good habits and build it brick by brick.


I think this is such great advice for whatever stage you're in. There will always be new beginnings. I've been a health coach for 10 years but I'm starting over in a new direction and so I'm taking Kelly's advice.

I'm starting small. Building my audience. Engaging. Sharing info. I don't even have a product or an offer for you yet. But I'm placing those foundational bricks, and over time, brick by brick, the house will come together.

I hope you find this message as inspiring as I did.

Let's build our practices together. I know we can do it.

Over to you: Are you taking those small steps or getting overwhelmed trying to build the whole thing at once?

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