From medical mess to finding freedom

Michelle MacLean Sugar Shift - Patti's Story FeaturedToday I’m thrilled to share with you Patti’s Sugar Shift transformation:

“I am 67 and was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease stage 3 in Jan. 2014. I was shocked. I was also diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and degenerative arthritis with bone spurs in neck and possible heart problems. I was a mess.

Then my heart doctor found that all the valves in my legs were damaged and the blood was pooling in my legs and not being pumped back to my heart, so they closed the valves in my legs and that fixed my heart problem.

I have failed at diets before, but this is a change I needed to make. This was not to look good in my clothes, but for my health. I wanted clean blood.

After reading articles about Michelle and talking to a friend who knows her, I decided to register for The 8 Week Sugar Shift.

Michelle is very knowledgeable and also struggled with sugar herself. She provided all of us with timely information and resources and was very supportive and helpful. She encouraged us and never judged. In addition, she kept telling us to make this our own program.

One key part of the program that helped was we had a private FB page with all the participants. This gave me connectedness with others who were going through similar things. We shared our struggles, failures, accomplishments, and small baby steps taken.

Through deep meaningful homework exercises and taped phone conversations with experts in their fields of study, I was finally able to overcome my gremlins. I now no longer accept guilt, instead I have found freedom. I have also learned the importance of self care.

I was skeptical about doing this because I live in the United States and Michelle lives in Canada. The technology worked well, and Michelle was readily available if we needed anything.

I am so grateful that I enrolled in the 8 week Sugar Shift. My cholesterol came down 62 points. I have been trying to do that without statins for 4 years. My blood glucose dropped 14 points and my weight dropped 13 pounds. That is more than I expected my outcome to be.

I now have successfully completed the program, but this is the beginning of my journey eating fresh whole foods. Michelle provided a variety of tasty recipes which in my opinion helped me to stay on the program.

I have no sugar cravings anymore, but I know if I want to eat something sweet I have the freedom to do so. I also now have 35 amazing ladies whose support and friendship will always be remembered.

I would highly recommend this amazing health program. I will forever be grateful to Michelle for being my coach and facilitator on this difficult journey. I finally completed a program without quitting. Accomplishment is a wonderful thing. This is not a diet! It is a life style change. I am healthier than ever and excited about the future. I love you Michelle!”

Patti Bielik
Wellness Advocate at doTERRA International
Jacksonville, FL

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