From pre-diabetic to medication free: Edith’s story

Today I’m thrilled to share with you Edith’s Sugar Shift transformation:

10322818_10203491742721569_674829146222637533_nI was diagnosed two years ago with pre-diabetes and was put on the lowest dose of Metformin. My doctor said I could come off it if I could make sufficient changes in my eating habits.

I saw a conventional dietitian for a few months, but her approach was not holistic like the Sugar Shift, and I wasn’t able to keep my glucose levels in check.

At that time, I didn’t realize sugar was my addiction. My sugar cravings would often take over so strongly that, even though I didn’t keep sweets in the house, I’d overindulge in carbs or other high sugar content foods to get my sugar fix/high.

After the Sugar Shift I no longer crave sugars or sweets. My appetite is in control and I’m feeling stronger and healthier day by day. I haven’t needed any Metformin since, nor have I needed my blood pressure pill! I am medication free! Amen!

Also, as an added bonus or side effect of this amazing program, I have lost around seven pounds and I am only one pound away from my goal weight.

Thanks again Michelle for helping me get back my life and for helping me recognize and overcome my sugar addiction. I can now say my sweet tooth is gone – I had a mouthful of them.

I did stray a few times over Christmas, but I have had no problems getting right back on track. I have not gained back any of my weight, and I am staying stable at my target ideal goal weight …… and still medication free!!!

I’m overwhelmed with gratitude, praise, love, and thanks to you Michelle for the most amazing health program I’ve ever been on.

Edith Snow
St. John’s, NL

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