If you’re anything like me, you have a list of rainy day items you long to get to when you “have the time.” But with the busyness of life that rainy day never comes. You never find the time for those hobbies, interest and passions.

One thing the coronavirus has given many of us, is time.

Art is on the top of my rainy day list and I’ve been longing to get back to painting. I dabbled awhile back, took a few painting classes, but the most I've done in the last few years was a few pages in a colouring book when those new adult ones came out.

Lately I’ve been inspired by Australian artist Tracy Verdugo. I heard about her through Elizabeth Gilbert. They were recently together on a retreat in Fiji. Tracy describes herself as a curious creative soul, beauty finder and inspiration instigator. Her colourful abstract pieces make my heart sing. She offers online classes and some great free resources.

I signed up for a few of her freebies but hadn’t made time to actually do any of them. Until the world came to a halt last week. All of a sudden I had some free time. So I decided to give myself a morning to get creative and do some art.

I made a list of supplies, checked what I already had from past art classes and headed out to stock up at the local art supply store (before retail shut down). The next morning I was ready to go.

I pushed play on one of Tracy’s free abstract tutorials and this is what took place over the next five hours:


I know. I know. It's no masterpiece. But let me tell you, the five hours flew by. I didn’t look at my phone once. Didn’t think of coronavirus. Didn’t worry about getting sick.

I was immersed in colour - primary, secondary, contrasting and complementary. Experimenting with different lines - straight, curvy, long, short, horizontal, vertical, scribbly, fine and thick. Using different mediums - watercolours, acrylics, gel pens, coloured pencils, markers. Trying an assortment of tools - big brushes, skinny brushes, flat brushes, bamboo skewers.

I was in the zone. In the flow of creative bliss. It was delightful.

What a glorious way to combat the stress and anxiety of life right now. Turns out creativity is really good for your health. It improves brain function, mental health and physical health.

I plan to do more of this in the coming weeks and months and hope that art becomes a more regular and consistent part of my life.

Over to you - What creative outlet are you drawn to (pun intended)? I’d love to hear what gets your creative juices flowing. Is it music, dance, writing, photography, painting, doodling, colouring, knitting, sewing…? Have you ever found yourself in the state of flow when you were completely absorbed in something and lost all sense of self and time? Tell me in the comments.

To your well-being,

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