Health coaching is all about the small steps

Recently, during a client session, I was reminded how powerful it is to help your client get started with small steps.

I've been working with this client on and off for five years now and she's come back for a focussed three months.

But she's having a hard time getting started despite the fact that she ranks pretty high up on the readiness for change scale.

She's overwhelmed with her vision and feels like it's so far off she'll never reach it.

I asked her about previous times in her life she'd reached big goals and accomplishments.

This opened the flood gates of stories of challenging times she's been through and all of the strengths and attributes she drew on to get herself through them.

Like when she learned to kayak and on her first day she didn't even get into the water. Just sat in the boat on land. Now she's doing solo trips on big lakes in all kinds of weather conditions.

And when she was grieving the loss of her husband and managed to get up every day and put one foot in front of the other. While she'll never forgot and still misses him dearly, she's in a new relationship and they just bought their forever home together.

I invited her to explore how she could apply what she did in these situations to the wellness journey she's currently on. And the lightbulb went off.

In summary here's what she said,

"I just have to start with one small step. Take each day as it comes. And remind myself that there will be good and bad days. But if I keep taking those small steps each day toward my goal, I will get there."


What a great reminder of the small steps approach in health coaching.

She left the session with just a couple of small action steps that she knows she can commit to and felt empowered that she gets to make choices each day that will eventually lead her to her ideal level of health.

Sometimes it can be as simple as this.

What is your experience with supporting clients to take small action steps toward their goals? And on the flip side, have you ever had a client take on too much and get overwhelmed, stuck and not move forward?


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