Here’s what letting go of sugar makes possible

When I work with my clients, I don’t want to just help them find health, which is the absence of disease or illness, I want to help them find true wellness.

There are many different definitions of wellness, but I like how Jack Travis defines it:

“Wellness is a choice, a way of life, a process, an efficient channeling of energy, an integration of mind, body, sprit and a loving acceptance of self.”

Wellness is a process of becoming aware and living life with conscious choice, self-acceptance, interconnectedness, love, meaning and purpose.

Here are some words associated with having great health and wellness:

  • Freedom
  • Ease
  • Peace of Mind
  • Clarity
  • Lightness
  • Quality of life
  • Not just surviving but thriving
  • Not just energy but vitality

Right now you might not even be able to imagine what living with these equalities would be like, because you are caught in the nasty sticky grip of sugar.

I asked participants from last fall’s Sugar Shift to describe how they were feeling after the program. Here are a few snippets of what they said:

“I have a clear idea of what a whole foods diet is, and why it’s important, and I now have tools for transitioning my family’s eating.”

“I felt better at the end of the program, my digestion improved, I felt lighter.”

“Sugar no longer controls my life. I don’t crave sugar or junk, I have more energy and am excited to plan for 2015.”

“I have freedom from guilt and know that self – care is very important.”

“Much improved digestion and greatly reduced sugar cravings.”

“My head is clearer, I sleep better and my moods are more stable.”

“I feel empowered to make better choices about carbs/sugar and to have one of something vs. five.”

Pretty powerful, right?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a some more of this for yourself? Imagine what would be possible in your life, in your family, in your work, in your physical and mental capabilities if you were free from the negative impacts of sugar?

Join me on March 12th for my free webinar, Why You’re Addicted to Sugar and How to Break Up with the Sweet Stuff for Good where we’ll discus the why and how of getting off sugar. Which doesn’t actually mean you can never have sugar again, but how to break the nasty sugar cycle and then enjoy it occasionally as a treat.

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