How to explain the value of a health coach

If you're anything like me when I was nearing the end of my health coach training, I really had no idea how to explain health coaching.

I would stumble and fumble around trying to find the words and ideas to explain it. And believe me I wasn't doing a good job!

In my world I'm surrounded by a lot of other holistic health professionals. My husband is an osteopath and works at a busy natural wellness clinic with naturopaths, acupuncturists, therapists and holistic nutritionists. So a lot of our friends and acquaintances are in this field.

I felt like I needed to be able to explain to them what a health coach was, how it was different from what they do, and how I might be able to fill in some gaps with their offerings, and possibly become a referral partner.

And of course, I needed to be able to explain it to potential clients as well!

If you're not clear on how to explain health coaching then you're likely going to avoid talking about it, launching your practice and putting yourself out there as a coach.

You'll be left feeling embarrassed and incompetent, and we don't want that!

In today's video, I share how to explain the value proposition of health coaching and hope that by the end you’ll have some tools to get out there and and start talking to people about your work as a a health coach.

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