I'll admit, I'm pretty nervous.

I'm filming some coaching demos with IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) today.

They've asked me to play the role of coach in some demos they are filming for the Coaching Intensive Practicum course they offer to prepare coaches for the NBHWC exam. Over the next month we've got four shoots scheduled to film the demos.

I've never been filmed before coaching and I gotta say my inner critic voices are speaking pretty loudly this morning.

"What if I mess up? I can't do this? What if I go blank and don't remember what to say? What will the others think of me? Will they think I'm smart enough, a good enough coach?"

These are just a few of the main stories running through my mind. I know they aren't true but boy are they loud and compelling.

Here's what I'm doing to quiet my inner critic, reduce stress and get ready for the filming:

  • I got a good solid 8 hours sleep last night.
  • I got up early and went to the gym - exercise always helps ease the stress.
  • Right after I send this email, I'm going to eat a good breakfast so I'll have the energy and fuel to be on the top of my game.
  • Then I'm going to practice and prepare. The sessions are meant to be natural and free flowing but I'll definitely take some time to review the client's health history and welcome packet, look over my notes and have a few high mileage questions ready to go.
  • Finally I'll do a little ritual before the session to get my into a calm, centered and grounded state. I like to close my eyes, take a few deep breaths and mentally connect with all my teachers and mentors, ask them to be with my during the session and most importantly I commit to being there for the client to use all my skills and abilities to serve and support them in whatever they need.

Send me your good vibes and blessings.

Over to you: How do you get ready and prepare for your client sessions, public speaking or other nerve-wracking event? What ritual or practice helps you establish your coaching presence? Tell me in the comments...

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