How I finally felt better – and you can too!

While now I am a health coach and understand how to feel my best without taking drastic measures, it wasn’t always that way.

For a big chunk of my life I didn’t feel good. 

Back in my 20s I struggled with digestive issues, bloating, constipation, started to gain some weight and so I began researching various healing diets, techniques, therapies, and approaches.

One of the methods I tried was cleansing. The idea of giving the body a break and releasing toxins resonated with me. It made sense.

I tried many different cleanses including the Master Cleanse, apple cleanses, fruit fasts and juicing and smoothie detoxes. Some of them worked for me, some of them didn’t.

But over time I did start to feel better. As I eliminated certain foods that didn’t work for me, moved away from processed refined foods and fuelled my body with real whole foods, the frustrating, draining symptoms I was experiencing, began to fade away.

From these experiences I developed a core belief in the power of real, whole foods. That we can get most everything we need from the food we eat. That food is medicine. 

And if we take this first step of cleansing our bodies and getting rid of all the gunk that’s clogging us up and dragging us down, we can then build ourselves back up with nutrient dense foods. Through this process we enable our bodies to heal, repair and rejuvenate. And hopefully prevent chronic illness down the road so we can live our lives with health and vitality.

So when I launched my health coaching practice, I knew that cleansing was something I wanted to offer my clients. And I wanted my protocol to be based on real whole foods, not supplements, powders, or manufactured foods.

I’ve been leading cleanses for the past six years with over 250 participants.

My brand new Spring Cleanse is a 7-Day introduction to the cleansing process that helps reduces inflammation and fuels your body with the foods that allow your body to release excess weight. Through the process you will also regain some energy, sleep better and possibly – feel the best you’ve felt in years.

Here are all the details:

Release & Renew Spring Cleanse

7-day cleanse releases toxins and helps you renew your vitality through real, whole, nutrient-dense foods.

Starts on Monday, April 24th (after Easter)

Register by Wednesday, April 12 and save $50.

Click here to read all the details and to register. 

When you eat foods that aren’t right for your body, you may feel bloated, sluggish and lethargic.

The 7-Day Cleanse Program gives you the results you are looking for because you will be removing foods that cause inflammation in the body and you’ll be replenishing it with nutrient-dense, health boosting foods.

I know you can’t transform or revolutionize your health in 7 days, but I do know that in one week you can start to feel so much better.

After the 7 days, having lost a few pounds and with more energy you’ll feel motivated and inspired to keep going. Consider this a jumpstart into the healthy lifestyle you’ve been longing for.

Many of my clients feel so good at the end of a cleanse, they don’t want to stop!

Join me for my Release & Renew 7-Day Cleanse!

Register Now! 

I look forward to supporting you step-by-step through the cleanse.

With sweetness,

P.S. Remember to register by Wednesday, April 12 and save $50. Sign up here. 

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