How to let your health coaching client lead

A topic that many new health coaches struggle with is how to let the client lead.

As you know the coaching process is client-led. Which means the client leads, sets the agenda, determines their goals and action steps. It's not about the coaches agenda or what the coach thinks the client should work on.

A great way to remember this is the phrase,

"The client owns the content. The coach owns the process."

But then why do so many health coaches offer coaching programs with specific weekly topics? In these types of programs, how do you let the client lead?

It's so confusing to know what's right or best. How do we stick to this important coaching principle, while at the same time developing and marketing our coaching programs?

In this video I help you get clear on what it means to let the client lead and offer 7 tips for staying client-centered in your health coaching practice.

What questions do you still have about being client-centered and letting the client lead. I'd be happy to answer them in the comments or feel free to email me at

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