How to motivate your clients to change

As a health coach you’ve likely wondered, "why don't people do what they need to do to be healthier?"

They have all the information they need, and they know what they should do, why aren't they doing it?

This is a question that wellness professionals have been pondering for years. Many have concluded is that it's not just about the information it's more about the motivation.

We know that just providing info to our clients doesn't cut it. In fact, research shows that education alone only results in about 30% successful outcomes, whereas the coaching process results in 95% behavioural change.

So if motivation is what matters, then as a health coach I want to know, “How can I help my client get motivated?”

The thing is we really can't motivate anyone. It's our job as coaches to help our clients find the motivation inside themselves.

And if your client isn't motivated, by something other than fear, they'll likely stay stuck.

This is a key element in the coaching process that you'll want to become familiar with.

In the video below I share a bit about motivation, then explain one powerful way to help your clients find that motivation and I’ll give you some practical tips on how to can coach them around effective motivation.

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