I have a very busy two months coming up.

A few times a year I coach students enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s Heath Coach Training Program. A new round of circles starts next week and will keep me busy for the better part of two months.

This work includes 8 hour shifts comprised of 90 minute calls with 30 minute breaks in between. Since the students are from all over the world, I navigate different languages, cultures, personalities and time zones.

By the end of a shift, my introvert self is pretty exhausted.

But wait. There’s a ton of good stuff as well.

I get to teach coaching skills which I’m extremely passionate about. I get to meet interesting, like-minded people from all over the world. I get to deepen my own coaching and facilitation skills. I gain a lot!

During these contracts I don’t have much extra time for my private coaching work, serving current clients or marketing to new ones.

In order to keep things moving forward I have to streamline, get focussed and organized. I gotta keep it simple.

I’ve been doing this work for a number of years so I’ve figured out what I need to do to survive through this busy time.

Here are my 5 strategies for surviving the busy times:

1. Prioritize & plan

During these busy seasons of the year, with little extra bandwidth, I have to be laser-focused on my goals and intentions.

Keeping my private coaching biz moving becomes my priority outside of the student coaching circles.

I spend time planning by batching social media content, recording videos, writing blog posts. I establish my tasks and must-dos for the 8 weeks, schedule them into my calendar (on the days I’m not coaching students) and I let everything else go.

2. Set expectations

I like to let the people in my life know that I’m entering a busy time in order to minimize additional invitations, asks, requests and opportunities.

My family knows I'll be tired after a day of calls. They know not to invite me to social events, phone for big chats or expect me to do anything too taxing.

With friends and other invitations that come along, I simply decline with gratitude and let them know I’ll be back for socializing soon.
I get good at saying no. I stick to my boundaries. I let go of unnecessary obligations, expectations and opportunities.

3. Prepare & organize food

I have a sensitive digestive system and am really affected by food. If I don’t nourish myself with food that works for me, I’ll end up with headaches, digestive issues, no energy and I’ll be irritable.

To keep me feeling energized, healthy and well, on Sundays I spend time in the kitchen prepping food for the week. My go-tos are baked chicken breasts, shredded veggies for salads, boiled eggs and a pot of soup.

4. Get outside

After sitting for hours at my desk on my computer all day, I’m craving movement and fresh air. So if the weather is good I get outside for a long walk in nature.

I’ve found this to be one of the best remedies after long periods of sitting, working and using my brainpower.

Getting out in the fresh air, moving my body and using all of my senses really helps to reenergize and reinvigorate my body, mind and spirit.

5. Build in downtime

During these 8 weeks I tend not to plan too much for the weekends and evenings. Keeping things streamlined to the must-dos like errands, market shopping, meal prep etc.

The rest of the time I fill with the things that help me reset and refuel for the coming week. Like a good fiction book to escape into, inspiring movies or TV shows, hot baths, yoga classes, meditation, writing in my journal, hikes in the woods and gratitude.


These are a few tips that help me survive through the busy seasons of the year. They help me minimize overwhelm, stress and exhaustion so I can show up fully for my clients, my students and most importantly for myself.

What tips do you have to add to this list that keep you energized, inspired, healthy and well during the busy times? Please tell me in the comments.

If you'd like some coaching support in preparing for, or getting through, an upcoming busy season, I'd love to chat.

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To your well-being,


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