Low Carb Holiday Recipe Round-Up

During the holidays there are so many food related gatherings it’s always good to have some tasty recipes on hand for entertaining, contributions for potlucks and to have done-ahead for pop-ins and for family nights at home.

Today I share with you a round-up of some low-carb alternatives to many of the traditional gourmet and comfort-food delights we indulge in at this time of year.

I checked in with some of my favourite low carb websites and curated a collection of recipes that will nourish and delight your friends and family.


45 delicious low carb grain-free holiday recipes. Cookies, cakes, muffins, pies and bread.

9 savoury holiday nibbles and 9 sweet treats & nibbles

Low carb holiday appetizers

More low carb holiday appetizers

Low carb egg-nog

Low carb cocktails

10 best low carb stuffing recipes

20 low carb holiday brunch recipes

Found this goldmine of 100 low carb holiday recipes for a crowd in all the main categories – appetizers, soups & salads, stuffing & gravy, veggies & sides, main courses, desserts, treats & baked goods and holiday drinks.

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