Tired and bored of the same old meals? Feeling in a food rut?

Ready to ditch the heavy, wintery foods and lighten up your eating, energy and mood for spring?

Don’t have the time or energy to research new recipes, figure out how to eat more locally or organize your life for better health?

I’m s personally so done with hearty stews, heavy meat dishes, root veggies, packing on a few extra pounds and hibernating!

I’m craving plants, tender greens, raw veggies, light soups, fresh air and movement.

How about you? Are you feeling this spring energy? Are you ready for a spring refresh!

If so, I have the perfect offering for you, my brand new…

Spring Nutrition Reset: 7-Days to shift into seasonal eating

It’s a 7-day nutrition and lifestyle program to help you feel great by embracing the food and energy of spring!

I personally love transitioning from season to season. Especially winter to spring. The spring is so full of energy, lightness, growth and possibility.

I developed this 7-Day Spring Nutrition Reset to help you transition from winter into spring and embrace nutrition and lifestyle habits and practices that align with the season.

During the 7 days you’ll discover how to:

  • Add variety and excitement to your eating
  • Reduce processed, inflammatory foods
  • Get 30+ spring-inspired recipes to add to your weekly meal plan
  • Eat more locally and seasonally
  • Clean out your pantry and get your kitchen organized
  • Bring spring energy to your exercise, social life, self-care and more…

Join me for this brand new seasonal living program. You’ll receive all the support you need to refresh your eating and lifestyle habits this spring.

I can’t wait to share with you over 30 delicious, seasonally-inspired spring recipes, food lists and ideas for eating and shopping locally.

(In case you were wondering, this is not a cleanse. You’ll be invited to eat real, whole food including fruits, veggies, lean protein, whole grains and healthy fats.)

Plus, I’m including lifestyle suggestions to help you align and embrace with the energy of the season. 

Bring on energy, lightness and new possibilities of spring!

Starts Monday, May 27.

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