Say YES to the sweetest life possible

Jelly Beans Sugar ShiftI know it’s Easter and you have a lot of delicious eating to do this weekend. Well devour those jelly beans, Easter cream eggs, and chocolate bunnies with vigour. And then move on.

Next week we start our eight week journey into letting go of sugar and it’s nasty side effects. By early June your taste buds will have changed, your cravings will have subsided and you won’t want sweets as much.

And you’ll be able to have the occasional sweet treat. They just won’t be part of your every day. When you do have them, you’ll have the tools, resources and knowledge to make healthier choices and get back on track.

The spring is a really lovely time to embark on a healing journey like the Sugar Shift. It’s a time of transformation. To harvest the seeds that you planted during the winter hibernation. To watch those dreams come to life. To nurture those seedlings into buds and blossoms. To prepare you for the delightfulness of summer.

I have some new additions to the program, a new guest expert, some new recipes, a few tweaks to the detox protocol and a new platform for our weekly calls. And maybe even a few surprises thrown in 🙂 You’ll receive access to the materials this Sunday and we’ll have our first call next Thursday.

Will you say YES to the sweetest life possible free from the negative physical and emotional impacts of sugar?

Registration closes at midnight tonight. I don’t want you to miss out on all this delicious goodness. Sign up HERE. 

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