Small Change, Big Gain

One of my core philosophies when it comes to making dietary and lifestyle change, is to start with the baby steps.

It’s all about starting small. Implementing even the tiniest movement toward your goal can help you gain momentum, feel successful and have the desire to keep going. If you tried to tackle a huge action step first off, and you weren’t successful, you might feel frustrated, disappointed and eventually give up.

So start with the baby steps. Add some more dark leafy greens into your day. Switch from soda to sparkling water. Go to bed 15 minutes earlier. Eliminate one sugary item from your diet. Meditate for five minutes. Try a run/walk activity.

As you gain momentum over time, these small shifts will lead to bigger gains in your overall health and wellness. They truly are worth it.

I was recently featured in an infographic produced by Elysium Health entitled, Small Change Big Gain. It aligns with my approach so I was happy to provide a comment to be included in the piece.

The infographic focusses on metabolism and identifies challenges and obstacles to a healthy metabolism and offers small suggestions for making improvements.

Check out the infographic below. And feel free to share on your social media pages. While you’re at it, check out Elysium’s social media here. Elysium also wrote a great blog about Metabolism that I thought you might be interested in reading. Check it out.



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