The top three reasons for Sugar Shift success

SugarcubesI’ve been talking a lot about the sugar shift lately. Sharing the features, benefits and how it works. Yup, I’m excited about it. I love this program. And I won’t apologize for wanting to spread the word because I know it works and can help you heal, feel the best you’ve felt in years, and bring food freedom to your life.

But I don’t want you to just take my word for it, that the Sugar Shift is a great program (clearly I’m a little biased), I want you to hear what actual participants in the program have to say about their experience.

Some of them had doubts, hesitations and concerns about signing up for the program. Such as:

  • The timing wasn’t great and their lives were just too busy
  • They didn’t think they could give up sugar
  • And others felt they didn’t have time in their lives to dedicate to the program

Sound familiar? Do you have similar thoughts?

When I asked them what alleviated these concerns about registering they said:

  • I decided I needed to make this time to focus on my health and wellness
  • There is never a perfect time, so I just decided to do it
  • Once I read the features and benefits of the program, I felt it was good value

How would it feel for you to put aside your fears, and make your decision based on love and what your body, mind and spirit need right now?

After the program I asked them, what the top reasons for achieving their outcomes were, they said:

  1. The program materials and resources
  2. The group support
  3. Michelle’s guidance and support

It really is tough to take on quitting sugar by yourself. You can see that support is definitely crucial to Sugar Shift success. 

At the end of the program, the top three benefits and health improvements realized were:

  1. I let go of some weight
  2. My sugar cravings are gone
  3. I have increased energy

How would it feel to have a bit more of this in your life in eight short weeks?

And finally, in their own words, here are how a few past participants describe their Sugar Shift experience:

“It was really really much easier than I thought. I’m really happy to have these resources for the rest of my life.”

“I got so much more out of the Sugar Shift than I ever imagined. Finally an approach that I have been able to successfully complete and what a great feeling to find something so enjoyable to follow.”

“It was a great program Michelle. Another passage way opened to a new and healthier way to live. I truly feel blessed to have you in my life. Much love and gratitude.”

“I was surprised at how beneficial the calls and Facebook page were. I knew I would be fine with doing the program as I have done some in the past, but hearing what others were experiencing gave me a boost and kept me engaged.”

“Michelle focuses on what works for you and if you are making any steps, she finds the positive and gives good suggestions and options when you struggle with something.”

I’m passionate about your health, my health, my family and friend’s health. I do this work because I want to help improve your well-being. I want you to be able to say similar things by early June about how you’re feeling.
Will you give yourself the gift of health? Will you make yourself a priority?
Click over to The Sugar Shift page  and register now.

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