We’ve all heard the saying “the early bird gets the worm.”

Register nowI love being early for things. I show up extra early at the airport for flights. I arrive for meetings a few minutes early. I like to plan and prepare so I’m early for work deadlines. And I usually leave extra time for road trips or driving anywhere to account for delays so I get to my destination on time.

Because there are advantages to being early, as the saying implies:

  • No rushing around at the last minute
  • Less stress, tension and anxiety
  • Less mistakes with work as there’s extra time to review
  • Provides a buffer zone for things like traffic, road work, parking issues
  • Showing up early for events gets you the best seats
  • You look professional. People know they can count on you.

Being an early bird gives you more control and peace. You’re comfortable, at ease, relaxed, and reliable.

Could you use a bit more this in your life?

Now that enrolment for the Sugar Shift is open, I want you to be able to take advantages of being the early bird. I want the peace and comfort of earliness for you.

With this in mind, I want you to be able to start the Sugar Shift the straight away. To get an early, head start. While our official start date is April 5th, you’ll be able to start your sugar transformation shortly after you register. No waiting around!

As soon as you register you’ll get access to Module 0 of the Sugar Shift. This activity booklet primer has everything you need to establish a solid foundation from which to begin this phase of your health and wellness journey. You can stroll, meander, and have the time to look around and enjoy your preparation at a leisurley pace.

In addition, when you register during the early bird period, you’ll save $100. And that is a bonus worth getting up early for! Plus there is a two payment plan.

So, I invite you to: 

1. Click here for all Sugar Shift details.

2. Hit reply to this email and ask me any questions you have about this transformational online program.

The early bird will only be able to get these delicious worms for one week. This offer is open until March 26th at midnight and then regular pricing comes into effect. 

Here’s to ensuing that signing up for the Sugar Shift is as peaceful, spacious, and relaxed as possible.


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