Why is it so hard to give up sugar?

Have you spent time wondering why it’s so hard to give up sugar?

Seems like a pretty simple task, just stop eating it today and move on, right?

No so fast. Without the proper process, support, connections and accountability, it can be a slow, painful, frustrating and hopeless challenge.

The truth is, sugar is an addiction. It’s not just about not eating it. It’s not just about will power and muscling your way through it.

You’ve likely tried this method, got overwhelmed, got stuck, and gave up. Sound familiar?

Don’t fall into this never-ending cycle. Let me raise you up to see the big picture perspective so you can focus on the most important things you need to do to make a lifelong shift away from sugar and its negative health implications.

I’m hosting a Free “Break Up with Sugar” Workshop Thursday, March 12 and I can show you exactly what you need to do to get it right this time.

So What’s Missing?

What most people who are struggling with sugar are missing, is a comprehensive system or process to tackle sugar step-by-step.

Trying a variety of one-off tactics and jumping into small disconnected changes won’t do it.

If you aren’t ready to let go of sugar, don’t understand why you truly want to be healthier, haven’t planned and researched options, you won’t be successful.

You need support, connection, accountability and process. And you need to be ready.

Here are four top reasons why people fail at making necessary lifestyle changes and some possible solutions:

1. Problem: Lack of time. Self care and your health are the first to go in a busy life and they get pushed to the back burner. Solution: Make a commitment, decide you are going to do it, and make time. If you wait for the time to magically appear, it’ll never happen. You’ll never find the time.

2. Problem: Lack of knowledge. There’s  lots of info out there, most of you know some healthy things you should be doing. But much of it is overwhelming, contradictory. There are so many different theories, and ideas, it’s very challenging to decipher what’s true and right. Solution: Conduct some research, gather information, look to experts who know the science and understand the research.

3. Problem: Lack of implementation. You might have some of the knowledge but lack the accountability, resources, tools and skills to actually implement the changes in your life. Solution: You need to follow a proven plan for transformation. A proven way of doing it. Giving up sugar isn’t a unique health challenge.  Many people suffer from the negative impacts of sugar. So you look to people who have broken the cycle, and achieved good health. You don’t need re-create the wheel. Simply follow the proven steps and systems to take the guess work out of it.

4. Problem: Lack of support & connection – Behavioural change research tells us that two of the main success factors with any lifestyle change are support and connection. Solution: Don’t go it alone. Reach out and connect with other like-minded individuals who are going through the same challenges. Find a group that is addressing your specific struggle. Get the support and connection you need to be successful.

But more importantly than the how, is the why and if you are truly ready to break up with sugar for good. If you don’t review these steps first, jumping into the HOW will never take hold. That’s likely why you might not have been successful in the past. 

I developed The Sugar Shift – an 8-week course and online community – to help people break their addiction to sugar so they could live clear, healthy, energetic lives. Find out all the sticky facts on sugar and how to start stepping away with this FREE webinar: Why You’re Addicted to Sugar and How to Break Up with the Sweet Stuff for Good.

Hope to see you on Thursday you on March 12th.

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