You can break the addictive cycle of sugar, here’s how…

Sugar CubesI know what it’s like to feel addicted to sugar. The constant thoughts about where your next sweet fix is coming from. The energy highs and lows. Daily mood swings. Incessant cravings. And withdrawal symptoms, like headaches, if you try to stop.

I spent about 20 years of my life feeling like this and most of my clients tell me this is how they feel.

Many studies have now proven, sugar is in fact an addictive substance, similar to illegal drugs.

One study done on rats, who were offered a choice between sugar water and cocaine, saw 94 per cent of the rats choose sugar. Even the cocaine addicted rats, switched to sugar once it was an option.

Sugar essentially takes over the chemistry in your brain producing changes that are similar to what takes place in the brains of those using drugs or alcohol.

Basically what happens, is sugar stimulates the pleasure centre in your brain. When you eat sugar, it triggers the release of dopamine and you experience those good feelings and pleasurable sensations.

But the more and more sugar you eat, the more desensitized the brain gets to it, and you can develop a tolerance. In order to keep getting those same pleasurable feelings, you need to eat more and more. This is how the cycle of cravings and withdrawals happen and you become addicted.

The good news is, you can break this addictive cycle. Click here to find out how.

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