Last week over in my Facebook group I did a live mini-workshop and guided participants through 12 powerful questions to reflect on their health and wellness milestones and challenges from 2019.

I personally love doing this type of annual review of the year that was, and planning for the one to come. Carving out a bit of time for this between Christmas and New Year when things slow down.

The first step in this process, the one I'm sharing here today, is to reflect on that year that was. To look back at the events, feelings and experiences that made up the last 12 months.

Today we are focussing solely on your health and well-being and how that went for you last year. Since we don’t have time to reflect on your whole life (work, relationships, finances, home, hobbies, family, etc)

Below is the video where I walk you through 12 powerful question to reflect on the milestones and challenges you experienced related to your health and well-being in 2019.

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My hope is that you’ll make a little ritual for yourself over the holidays. Sneak 30 minutes away just for you with a cup of tea, a candle, snuggly corner to curl up in, and a journal and pen.


Awesome job. You did some great reflection work there. Please let me know if you have any questions.

I'll be back early in the New Year to guide you through the second part - planning for 2020. So watch your email for dates and times.

Also just a quick note that I’m already booking clients for the New Year. And I only have three spots open due to some other coaching commitments. So if you want to make 2020 the year you finally get a handle on your health, well-being and stress, and you want to prevent burnout so you can succeed at work and thrive in life, please book a free call through the link below. 

I’ve been there. I know how scary it feels and I’d love to guide and support you through this. Peace, balance, health and vitality is possible.

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To your well-being,

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