All the answers to your questions about the Sugar Shift are here

Michelle Sugar Shift EBI’ve been getting lots of questions and interest in the Spring Sugar Shift and know many of you have the same ones. Here are the top things folks are wondering about:

Q. When does the program take place?
A. You get access to the Members Only page on Sunday, April 5th, our first call is on Thursday, April 5th, and the program runs until June 4th. The 21 day detox runs in weeks 4, 5, 6 (April 30th to May 21).

Q. What is the Sugar Shift?
A. The Sugar Shift is an interactive online coaching program that gently guides you to transform your relationship with your body, with food and with sugar. Together, we work step-by-step to end your cravings and symptoms naturally. Over the eight weeks you will make some major health shifts. The program consists of a Member Only portal with all the module materials, weekly live conference calls, weekly homework invitations, tracking tools, worksheets, guest expert interviews, and a closed Facebook group. The centrepiece of the program is a fully supported and guided, 21 day whole foods sugar detox.

Q. Is the program hard to follow?
A. The program is pretty straight forward. It’s structured in weekly modules that start with a nice slow introduction and build on the content from the previous week. You receive access to each week’s module on Sunday and you have until Thursday to review the materials before our call. There is also a weekly homework invitation handout which outlines the steps and activities to accomplish that week. You do have to be willing to review the materials and take action to make progress. By following the action steps each week you’ll start to shift, heal, and transform.

Q. Will I have to give up sugar forever?
A. No, life would be pretty miserable if we could never have another sweet. So the goal is not for you to eliminate sweets forever. If you are dealing with symptoms and negative impacts of sugar you do need to break that nasty cycle and then rebuild your health. Once this process is on it’s way, you’ll be able to reintroduce some healthy sugar alternatives back into your life and enjoy them occasionally.

Q. What if I am travelling or away for part of it?
A. I am very big on making this program work for you and there is lots of flexibility. Since it is a completely virtual program you can keep up with it from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access. The most important weeks to be available are weeks 4-5-6 (April 30-May 21 during the 21 day detox).

Q. I’m so busy, tired and overwhelmed, I don’t feel like I have the time or energy to dedicate to this right now.
A. There will never be a prefect time. You will never find the time. You have to choose to make the time because your health matters. Think about what might happen if you keep going down this same unhealthy road? Even though we have a start and end date, you will have access to the materials for at least a couple months after the program. Plus you’ll be able to download and save them for future reference. And you’ll learn new skills to be better organized, and you’ll have more energy and vitality, and it’s that worth it?

Q. I’m a bit worried about the technology and doing an online program.
A. It may be hard to imagine building a community and making meaningful connections through an online program, but it’s incredible how easy and engaging online learning can be. All the course resources are simple to access through a password protected page and are saved as PDFs for printing. The weekly live calls happen through an online conferencing/meeting system. If you can’t make the calls, they’ll be recorded for listening to whenever is convenient for you. And if you’re on Facebook, the online community forum is a great place to inspire one another, find a buddy and connect with like-minded women. If you are not familiar with these types of online technologies, this program might not be the best fit for you.

Q. What outcomes can I expect? After the Sugar Shift you can expect to:

  • Experience fewer cravings and unhealthy eating habits
  • Eat nutritious foods that energize, fuel, restore and heal you
  • Feel good from the inside out
  • Find freedom from the temptation to go to extremes
  • Feel energetic and positive about your body image
  • Be free of illness and feel energized to live life to the fullest
  • Have the awareness and resolve to sustain change moving forward

Q. How is this program different from similar ones out there?
A. I researched other sugar programs and saw some that simply remove sugar out of the diet. Or ones that simply focus on intuitive or mindful eating, but don’t touch on food at all. I couldn’t find another program that brings the nutrition, coaching, and behavioural change pieces together. So I developed the Sugar Shift which does combine these elements into a comprehensive, step-by-step process that  takes you from sugar addict to food and symptom freedom. The combination of whole foods nutrition, wellness coaching, and a foundation in lifestyle behavioural change is a sweet recipe for success.

Early bird pricing ends Thursday. 

You only have a couple more days to take advantage of the best price offer. You can register HERE. The program is $299 + hst when you sign up by this Thursday, March 26. (After that, it rises to $399.)

There is a payment option available. If it makes things easier on your budget, you’ll be happy to know you can pay in two instalments of $155, one now and one in 30 days.

Make time this Spring for your health and wellness. Don’t put it off any longer. Now is your time. We can do this together!

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