I think it’s pretty safe to say that all of us experience some sort of stress in our lives.

Maybe it’s coming from work - whether you're self-employed or working in an organization - maybe it’s related to your finances, health, family responsibilities, client demands or a relationship.

Whatever the source, stress affects us all. It’s part of our daily life and it’s never ending.

Some of us handle stress well, especially if it’s more sporadic and periodic, but for some of us stress is chronic and unrelenting. If we're in a stressed state continuously, then over time, it can seriously impact our health and well-being.

For me personally, when I’ve been under stress in different times in my life, and on the brink of burnout, I definitely don’t sleep well, I get wicked headaches, I feel stuck, unmotivated and anxious!

Stress is different for everyone, and the causes vary. Some people have an ability to handle lots of stress, others like maybe you and I, not so much.

What’s stressful for one person may not necessarily be stressful to another. You may have a clear cause for your stress, or it may be a build-up of smaller things. This all depends on your individual circumstances.

In today's video I talk about what happens to our bodies when were stressed, reveal some symptoms that can be caused by stress and share three strategies you can take to start managing it.

I'd love to know what questions you have about how stress impacts you and how you can start to manage it. You can comment below or send me an email at  michelle@michelle-maclean.com.

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