How to become a wellness ally


As we embrace the coach mindset and let go of the need for control, we work with our clients as guides, allies and advocates.

We stand shoulder to shoulder along side our clients to help them facilitate their own journey of growth and change.

We begin our coaching relationship by creating an alliance or agreement for how we are going to work together. This sets a foundation of expectations, roles, responsibilities and logistics.

A big factor that contributes to our client's success is helping them discover the motivation within themselves to change.

The overarching goal of coaching is for the client to work toward independence, sufficiency and self-efficacy. We inspire them to take responsibility and ownership of their health and well-being.

As a wellness ally we help the client assesses their current level of health, gauge their readiness to change, help them set goals and create action plans. Over time we help them maintain and sustain these changes and new habits.

At the foundation of the role of ally is that we fundamentally believe in our client's ability to make behavioural changes. And we connect them with their strengths so they believe it too.

But we don't do the work for them. And we relinquish the responsibility for their success. We let our clients know we are there with them every step along the way. They are not alone.

When we start seeing our work through this lens of professional ally we develop trust with our clients. We stand with them and by them through their journey of making sustainable, healthy lifestyle, behaviour changes.

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