Let’s plan your health coaching for 2021

This post guides you through Part 2 of my Reflecting and Planning Mini Workshop.

In Part 1, I shared some powerful questions to reflect on your health coaching accomplishments and challenges from 2020.

Now you'll use the insights and information you gathered during the reflection process, to put into setting intentions and planning for the year ahead.

This process is a key part of the coaching work we do with clients. We start wth where they are today, look at where they want to be in the future and then help them develop a plan to get there.

Part 1 was all about reflecting on where you were and the current state of your health coaching. Part 2 is all about the future, the vision, the big dreams you have for your coaching business. This is the fun stuff!

However, if you've had a rough year (as many of us have), feeling stuck, like an imposter, can't get any traction with your health coaching, it may be hard to open up to the dreams, visions and possibilities.

My invitation for you is to see if you can suspend those fears and doubts just for a few minutes and open your heart up to what's possible for you as a health coach.

FREE GIFT - I put all of these questions into a downloadable workbook you can print out and follow along with. Download the workbook here.

Now pour yourself a cup of tea, light a candle, grab your favourite pan and find a snuggly corner to dream in. Click on the video below as I review the questions and guide you through this mindful planning process.

Happy planning!

For some added accountability, I invite you to share your big goal or intentions in the comments below. Tell us what your plans are...

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