Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed and out of balance?

Does guilt hold you back from taking care of yourself?

Are you worried about hitting rock bottom and one day not being able to get out of bed?

Do you decide to start making changes but then give up and don't follow through?

Yup. I hear you. I've been there.

I've felt that sense of dread and worry about not being able to get a handle on my stress. I knew deep down that if I didn't do something, things were going to get a lot worse.

Maybe I'd end up on medication or be diagnosed a chronic illness? Maybe I'd end up on the hospital? Maybe my marriage would fall apart?

These were common worries and concerns. And to be honest the fears are real.

We know from the science that if we stay in this stressed state continuously for too long, it can take a serious toll on our health.

Stress undermines our health causing everything from high blood pressure and heart disease, to mental health disorders like anxiety and depression, gastrointestinal issues, sexual dysfunction, obesity and eating disorders, addictions, full on burnout and more.

Over the last 20 years of dealing with stress I've done a ton of research, read many books, worked with coaches and doctors, therapists, and alternative health practitioners to figure this all out for myself.

What I learned, and what all the experts agree on, is there are three essential ingredients we need to have in place to start managing this stress.

In today's video I share these three essential ingredients and I walk you through a quick exercise to start implementing these in your own life today.

Check it out.

Now you have an action plan to start managing your stress. I assure you, once you get these three foundational aspects of your life solid, you'll be able to handle the stress so much better.

Now that I have these three areas of my life running smoothly, I no longer have digestive issues, I rarely get sick, I feel rested and energized in the mornings, I’m focussed and inspired around my work. I don’t get frustrated or agitated like I used to. And my blood glucose levels have returned to normal so diabetes is no longer a worry. I'm able to handle what life throws at me because I have a sold foundation of health and well-being.

These three elements of health are non-negotiable. You can either make time for them now, or make time to be sick and struggling later.

To your well-being,

P.S. If you're ready to start implementing these three essential ingredients and start managing your stress I'd love to chat.

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