Tips for spring cleaning your kitchen

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When the birds start to chirp, the buds start to blossom and I no longer have to wear my winter coat and boots, I usually get in the mood for spring cleaning.

With the change of season, especially from winter to spring, as I start to notice drawers overflowing, cupboards jam-packed, and old jars starting to get mouldy in the back of the fridge, I know it’s time for a good deep clean.

The energy of spring is all about shedding layers, clearing out and letting go. It’s the perfect time to clean and declutter the kitchen.

The kitchen is probably one of the most used rooms in any home. For me, when the kitchen is neat, tidy and organized I feel healthier. I want to stock and prepare healthy food because it’s so much easier to find what you’re looking for and more fun to cook in.

Here are my top tips for spring cleaning and organizing your kitchen:


  • Remove all items and give the fridge a good cleaning.
  • Throw away items that have spoiled or are past their best before date.
  • Combine jars that have small amounts left in the bottom.
  • Store greens in plastic bags or wrap in paper towel so they last longer.
  • Place foods that need to be eaten soon on the upper shelves and near the front.
  • Place longer life items near the back and lower down.


  • The freezer can become a bit of a graveyard for rotting and long forgotten foods.
  • Remove all items and throw away any that are freezer burned and unidentifiable.
  • Wipe down the freezer.
  • Stack and store remaining items with foods that need to be eaten soonest near the front.

Kitchen Utensil Drawers

  • We all have one or more of these drawers that becomes a dumping ground for knives, spatulas, spoons, whisks and other kitchen odds and ends.
  • We went through ours the other day and discarded an entire shoe box of never-used utensils.
  • Go through each item and decide if you use it on a regular basis, if not, lose it!
  • Wipe out the drawers.
  • Many housewares stores have effective drawer organizers and storage ideas that can help to make your drawers a dream.
  • Same process applies for cutlery and storage container drawers.


  • Discard any expired, old, stale foods and wipe out the shelves.
  • Rotate older canned goods to the front of the cupboard to be eaten first.
  • I’m a lover of mason jars and detest food packaging so I try to remove any extra plastic and packaging from my foods and store things in glass mason jars. Plus it makes items much easier to find, store and organize.
  • Move pasta, grains, rice, dried beans and nuts and seeds from their original packages to air tight containers, so they last longer.
  • Nuts can also be stored in the fridge for longer life.
  • Test oils to make sure they are not rancid. You can taste them and if they are bitter or have a strong smell they are likely gone bad.
  • Baking supplies like flours, sweeteners and other items can also be removed from their original packaging and stored in mason jars.
  • According to experts, you should only keep spices for 18 months so mark the purchased date with a marker on packages.
  • If foods aren’t expired and in their original packages, but you know aren’t going to eat them, you can always donate them to the food bank.

Happy spring cleaning!

If you’re feeling the new energy of spring and would like some support to make some healthy changes, why not book a free discovery session and we can chat about your goals and how I can help you achieve them. 

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